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I've been thinking of starting my own cosplay blog for a while now, but I'm not quite sure where or how to start.
So, what are some things that are good to know before starting a blog? Tips, advices and just general ideas about cosplayers who blog are all appreciated ~

Do you have your own blog? Care to share what made you start it and have you enjoyed updating it.
Don't have a blog yet but want to start one? Go ahead and ask questions and share ideas.

Help a fellow out, 'kay ~?
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I think it somewhat depends on what /kind/ of cosplay blog you'd like to have. Such as do you want to fill it up with general cosplay tips and clothing patterns, offer to help others with their own cosplay problemas, or to go a more personal route and follow your own cosplay progress?
There's really no strict rules on how to make a cosplay blog and you can have a little bit of everything all in one blog of course, direction just tends to make it easier to organize your thoughts c:

In the case of personal cosplay, you may want to showcase pictures of your good cosplays as well as earlier ones that may not be as good to help show growth and add the human aspect so that new cosplayers reading your blog can relate "Everybody starts somewhere!" and whatnot c: Posting progress and thought processes or even tutorials would also be helpful and entertaining to your readers. I myself love to read tutorials, even for things I'll never make haha.

You'll want to be careful about posting other people's cosplay photos because I think even if you source them properly some photographers may not allow their usage off of their site or a client's page so asking for permission is always a plus!

In the actual technical side, a cosplay blog should be well organized, such as if you used tumblr, creating handy links in your side bar that easily navigate to tagged posts (and of course tagging your posts with details in turn) helps people navigate your blog easily~

I've been considering making my own sort of little personal cosplay blog mostly so I can keep track of my own cosplay, measure my progress, and keep it all in one neat little place. With all the random wig care, cosplay tutorials, and clothing patterns I save on my computer it gets hectic, just seems a simple site with navigation would help with organizing~ I'd likely just post progress on my own cosplays, prop tutorials, or list cosplays I'd like to try for one day, maybe even mention cloth and stuff once I finally get into sewing my own outfits.
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Clean Genius

Milady Alluca

Ooh, thanks for all the helpful tips ~
I too have been thinking more about a personal cosplay blog, nice to hear that I'm not alone with that.
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Things that generally have a good appeal:
- tutorials
- cosplay pictures
- con reports / con photos

Where you host your blog is pretty important in terms of attracting an audience. Tumblr is great for getting followers because of it's popularity and the ability to reblog. Deviantart's journal is good for if you have followers on DA. Livejournal is good if you involve yourself with livejournal communities. Think about what you would be most comfortable using and what kind of blog you want to run.

I think it's important to know what you want to focus on before starting, it helps with choosing a name that will work in the long term and it helps direct your posts. For example if you focus on conventions you might want to write several articles about a con and space it out so that you have content that lasts between cons. You may also want to take lots of pictures and post one each day / week etc so that you have content during the slower times. If it's a personal blog then you'll have a ton of content since you can talk about whatever (cosplay plans, cons you are excited for, tutorial on what you made, your own costumes, an inspiring cosplay photo etc).

I run a lot of blogs lol, I'll list them so you can get an idea of how I organize my blogs and run them. 3nodding

Life is a Pan of Cupcakes: http://panofcupcakes.tumblr.com/
This is my cooking and baking blog. Mostly sharing my recipes and pictures of my food, but also yummy looking foods. This is a personal blog.

Inspiration - http://apurpleduckie.tumblr.com/
Just a collection of things I find neat, interesting, have a good use of color, inspire me or I want to buy. Also a personal blog.

Cosplay Tutorial (Tumblr) http://cosplaytutorial.tumblr.com/
This connects with cosplay tutorial so it's not a personal blog. It's all stuff cosplayers would be interested in: tips, costume photos, interesting posts, cosplay tutorials, answering questions and attracting people to the main cosplay tutorial website so that they know it exists.

Cosplay Tutorial Blog - http://www.cosplaytutorial.com/blog/
This is more of an information blog, it's for tutorials and guides and tips. Sometimes con reports and pictures. Where the tumblr is all about small posts, this is about larger articles and reading.

Duckie's Blog - http://apurpleduckie.wordpress.com/
I don't update this a lot, but it's a personal blog and just has a combination of cosplay posts and everything else. It's easy to come up with content because it could be anything, but then there is a smaller audience that would be interested in everything which is why I decided to focus with each blog having it's own theme.

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