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Do you love cute? Like Miki-Chan?
Are you a sexy devil? Like Kitti?
Or a mysterious lady at twilight? Similar to Miss Spider…
Maybe you just love cosplay and your like Misa Misa!

Well we have a place for you!
Neko Neko Maid & Hostess Club is looking for girls and guys 18+ who are ready to bring a high school style Host Club to AnimeBoston!

As a maid or host you’ll have the opportunity to cosplay your very own maid or hostess character that you create from scratch or base on your favorite anime and manga characters. Dress up in the cutest maid, Lolita, and cosplay outfits and show your skills in dancing, para para, singing, and overall being super kawaii! If accepted you will be working behind the scenes in one of most anticipated AnimeBoston events of the year!

What will you be doing other than acting super cute you ask? Well we’ll tell you! As a maid or hostess you’ll work closely with our customers. You get the opportunity to discuss your favorite anime, video games, music, and fandom with other fans from the AnimeBoston community. Enjoy your time playing fun games such as tick-tac-toe, Jenga, Jan Ken Pyon, and many more. As well as your dreams of being on stage coming true! We’re looking for maids who are enthusiastic about J-Pop and dance, and willing to get up on stage and perform your favorite songs with other maids, or even solo if you think you can do it! And you get to do all of this as some of the cutest maids to ever walk into the convention center!

As maids you get to have your very own merchandise. Photo cards, and even posters, or yourself that will be customized by Neko Neko Maid & Hostess Club staff just for being one of our maids! The cards and posters will be sold at our merch table and part of the profit goes to you! What’s better than having tons of fun while you’re making money? Oh that’s right. Having fans! The photo cards and posters your fans get will have a space for an autograph. That means they can pay for you to sign their cards and posters that they will cherish as a memory of the great time they had at the club.

Leading up to AnimeBoston we’ll have a maid only web forum that will have challenges, quizzes, online events, and updates to keep you involved! This is where we will be doing training for the actual event such as dance lessons, song practice, and maid manners. It will be the most exclusive forum on the web considering we’re only looking for 7-15 maids. As a Neko Neko Maid you will be part of one of the most exclusive and elite groups in the anime community!

So you’re sold right? You want to work with us at AnimeBoston? What do you have to do!? Simple. Audition!

The Auition Form

Here’s our audition form, if at possible we would like to have all the questions answered in a video response, it can be as long as it takes for you to express yourself. This video is our first impression of you! It’s our only way of getting to know who you are and why you want to be part of Neko Neko, so give it your best shot!

The audition is broken up into two stages. This is the first stage!

The first stage has two parts:

- The questionnaire. Questions we ask you to get to know you and see if you’re up to par with our maid standards!

- Singing. We’d like you to sing anything from acapella (no music) N*Sync that you have memorized from first grade to completely polished karaoke cover of Morning Musume’s latest single.
We would like to have these done in a .asf, .avi, or .mpg video response but it is acceptable to send them in as an .mp3 audio file.
Please note the singing must be your voice and your voice alone unless you used a karaoke that had background vocals on it. We’re trying to hear you! Not your karaoke group. The higher the quality the easier it is for us.

The Questionnaire:

1. Introduce yourself, who are you?

2. How old are you? (Remember you have to be 18+)

3. What interests you about Neko Neko Maid & Hostess Club? Why do you want to join us?

4. Who’s your favorite Lead Maid? We’re kidding of course haha! But feel free to answer.

5. What do you think you can bring to Neko Neko, what are some of your redeeming
qualities that will separate you from the other maids? We’re obviously not looking for all of our maids to be clones; we want everyone’s personality to shine through so we can all have fun being ourselves!

6. How do you think you’ll get along with the other maids? Are you the type to have one really good friend or do you see yourself becoming friendly with everyone in Neko Neko?

7. Have you ever preformed before? If you have where and when! Even if it was your school play in second grade, do you remember any of the lines? Can you still recite them for us!? If you haven’t preformed do you think you would be comfortable getting up on stage and singing?

8. Have you ever had a job before? Where was it, what were some of your responsibilities? Do you still work there? If not, did it end well? Can we contact them as a reference?
If you haven’t had a job tell us what your dream job would be!
Now say you got your first job, in a really hot pizza kitchen, that’s always busy, and you only get minimum wage. Think about that for a second, now how do you feel about it? Are you grateful just to have a job, do you think it isn’t worth the money, do you hate the job and everyone you work with? Be honest here!

9. Say we have accepted you as one of our maids (dream come true right!) since one of our rules to keep you safe is “Do not ask the maids for any personal information.” How would you respond if one of our enthusiastic customers asked you for your e-mail so they could talk to you after the event? Because they think you are the cutest thing and they’re madly in love with you! How will they find you after their time at the event is over?!

10. Again say you’ve been accepted. It’s one of our busiest shows and the photo cards of you lovely maids are selling out faster than you can say Jan Ken Pyon! You see one of your fellow maids, who is really sweet and you’ve become really good friends, take money from the cash box. How do you respond? Do you still respond like that even knowing her puppy is sick and needs surgery when she gets home? How should she respond in this situation?

11. Now that you’re hypothetically one of our maids, please introduce yourself to us as you would to your table at the event. If you haven’t already picked a maid name please use “Shoujo” for now. We’ll happily work with you to develop your character after we see you at the online forum!

12. Anything else you would like to say to us feel free to say it here! After all we’re trying to get to know you!


If you’re so wonderfully doing this for us in one video response please sing any song of your choice for us here. We don’t care if you have background music or not just let it go!

If you plan on sending us a polished audio file of you singing and you’re still doing video response please send the file along with the video! But if you would be so kind, sing that song, or any song, for us right now on your video response. No pressure, this is just for fun!

When you make your polished audio file please say the name of the song and who it is by before you begin singing. Thank you!

Now please follow these instructions for sending in your audition files:

One e-mail sent to: nekonekoauditions@yahoo.com

In that email please have the following information.

Location (where are you coming from?):
E-mail address we can contact you at:
Name and Artist of the song you sang:
Name and Artist of the dance you preformed:

If you did a solid video response label it as such: yourname_fullvideoresponse.asf, .avi, or .mpg

Your audio file should be labeled as such: Yourname_songaudition.mp3


What is a maid cafe?

Have you ever seen Ouran High Host Club? That's a great start to knowing what a maid cafe is!
A maid cafe is a place, a cafe/club where people can come to be entertained by maids! Sometimes there are meals like lunch and dessert, or little snacks. There is always tons of fun though! With live performances of Japanese pop culture song and dance and the opportunity to play fun memorable games like Jan Ken Pyon and Don't Wake Daddy with cute adorable maids!

What will I be doing as a Neko Neko Maid or Host?

You can do anything from simply take care of tables and be friendly or be up on stage dancing and singing for your fans!
As a maid you're expect to be fun and cute, play games and entertain the customers.
Backstage you get to be part of one of the most exclusive maid clubs in the circuit. You will have your own profile page, photo cards, posters, and fans! You also get to be part of the Neko Neko Maid forums, closed to the public, where you get to have fun making friends with other maids, participated in maid only contests, and learn the latest and greatest j-pop crazes before anyone else!

Will I be able to accept tips or gifts?/Will I make money?

Of course! Who are we to stop you from getting what your fans give you? We do have a system for making money which will be explained upon acceptance. Gifts, however, are to be accepted at your own discretion! smile

When should I submit my audition by?

You should submit your audition as soon as you are able to because once auditions end, we won't be able to accept anymore maids!

When is my audition due?

For our Boston event in April, auditions will be closing around the last week of November.

I don't live in or near _______, will you be coming to my area?

We're really trying to get to other locations, if you want us to come to your local anime convention let us know! And let them know! Contact your local anime con and let them hear your voice! You REALLY want to have Neko Neko's Maid and Hostess Club at your local anime convention!

For information regarding future events, check back at this site! www.nekoneko.makesmehappy.net

What are you guys looking for in a maid or host?

We're looking for someone dedicated. We want someone who will become part of our club and really mean it. People who are enthusiastic about Neko Neko, want to make friends.
While being able to sing and dance is a plus, perhaps the biggest thing we are looking for would be a great personality!

What format should I send my audition form in?

We most definitely prefer your audition to be in .asf video format.
While we are willing to accept the questionnaire portion in text, we require that the song and dance portions be in .mp3 audio and .asf .avi or .mpg video format, respectively. Thank you!

If your question wasn't answered here please feel free to ask! We're more than happy to asnwer!

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Question: Do you mean the 2010 Anime Boston Event?
Seeing as this year's event is already over & you mentioned something about April & that's when next year's will be.

Sorry to post here if I'm out-right wrong.
I'm just wondering.


No you're completely right! That was my mess up, thank you for catching it! I hope I cleared that all up.

Thank you again for correcting me! It's been a long day User Image
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I'm sorry it's been a long day for you.
But I'm glad to be of assistance. c :

I really appreciate it 4laugh

I've just been so busy working to try and find recruits that I guess something as obvious as the year slipped by me!
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Glad to be of assistance.

Ah I see - well I wish you the best of luck.
I'd audition myself only one - I'm deathly shy when meeting/speaking to new people & two - I don't leave anywhere near Boston.

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