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not entering but wanted to share some love. >>

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Awwww, that is so cute! Thank you <3 Mind if I post this on our Pinterest and Tumblr page I am making? biggrin

you may. i also have saved some psd files too. at first i forgot to give myself credit. xd let me know if you want any of the other files as well and i'll send them via pm... errr if your inbox hasn't exploded. >>;;;

Yanno, my pm box has so exploded it wiped out my pm's - maybe wait until this fabulous event ends!

I am sure in about a week or two I will have a mass influx of people upset because I didn't reply. Alas, the pm's have been eaten by an influx of Valentines. My apologies in advance to anyone who did send one - it may have been destroyed by the event love! Just re-send it after the event is over XD

xd alright. and yeah, yours.. kenny's inbox must be the end of the world!!! so many valentines.. @_@
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Storm Malice Presents Hidden Beauty

Sister Saw where are thou?
Why do you hide that pretty face?
I love you and adore you
So why hide a beautiful thing like that from the world?
It's all of the blood thirsty killers isn't it gonk
Don't worry, with me by your side
We will repel those damn killers scream
And be together forever heart
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Time-traveling Stalker

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*Username- scullylam

* Title of Entry- Love...

* Valentine message about zOMG!

posted in a spoiler mode.

*NOTE* This references to a past Gaia contest, where I personified Gaia to an extent. (internet bf) And yes, this is kinda embarrassing but, this is my view of zOMG. If it resembles anyone.. sorry. I didn't use you as inspiration. sweatdrop

This may also question my sane-ness but I thought it's known I'm a weirdo anyway. sweatdrop

Gaia is great. I been seeing him what seems forever. He has a friend named zOMG. It was weird meeting this crazed fanboy who likes anime, makes nerdy jokes, and kinda spazzes out about anything.. Okay he is a weirdo. And I have no clue how I became friends with him.

zOMG and I met in a class at school. I was glad to finally get in the class because I had to fill out a ton of paperwork. He recognized me instantly.

"Hey you! I saved you a seat. biggrin "

Yeah. He yelled across the room to me, making me feel as though all eyes were on me.

We worked on projects together and he would always ramble on about his figure collection, anime, or even how boring the class is at times. He's such a dork.

Now that I think about it.. why am I friends with him... and it actually been a long time we been friends. We hanged out a lot even outside of class and most of those times were special. Oh gosh. Now I think about it... do I really have feelings for him? >////<

I never really thought about it. Like, we'd talk some, and whenever I was having a crummy day, he'd tell me a cheesy joke or point out his new additions to his figures.

But, the past few years, we have drifted a part some. I started to see him a little less. And well, he still is the same dork I remember. Always smiling even though things changed in his life and in mine. I feel like a horrible friend. I mean, recently, I not really talked to him much... But when things were going rough for him, I was trying to help as much as I possibly could.

And now. I realize I would do anything for him. Would I be betraying Gaia if I do care more for zOMG? I'm so conflicted. sad I know you can't be with two guys. But, I can't decide more. I love them both. Just.. why is it I shared more things with zOMG than Gaia....

I.. don't know if I can face zOMG this way. I... I'm the dork.

references made:

gaia = bf
zomg = best friend
spazz = lag in game
school = gaia online
class = zeta testing
paperwork = survey for becoming a zeta tester
yell at me = accepted
projects = testing the game
figure collection = npcs
anime = quests
hanged out = played the game outside of testing/out of zeta period
talk = voip system (r.i.p.)
crummy day = play zomg whenever i was feeling sad
cheesy joke = boss battle/fight animated
additions to figures = new npcs/animated in game
see a little less = not playing zomg as much
changes in life = not many updates in zomg, etc.
still a dork = glitches, bugs, lag, etc.
things going rough = zomg maintenance mode, drama about zomg on gaia
trying to help = save zomg campaign, sf threads, etc.
shared more things = made a lot of gaia friends through zomg, friendships, tightknit community
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Malefic Nite

Ohhhhh Wolfy emotion_drool

She Wolf
You are the finest thing I've seen
Oh how I love 'em big and black
You know the saying; the blacker the berry, the sweeter the juice emotion_awesome
And you are so strong
OH! what a turn on
I must have you, I must make sweet love to you redface
Take me into your cave
Where we can do things they can only dream of
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Beloved Pirate

*Username: haruhaneko
* Title of Entry: zOMG, My Love
* Valentine message about zOMG!
I don't need a poem,
I don't need a paragraph,
I don't need a song,
I don't need a report
to say these simple words.
zOMG! I love you.
Will you stay with me forever?
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Unbeatable Tycoon

Storm Malice Presents Hot Love Couple

Uncle Kin and Agatha sitting in a tree
First comes sweet love then comes marriage
Next they're drinking Hennessy
That's not all, that's not all
Now they're doing tricks that we'll never want to see eek emotion_puke
username : tripping on trees.
title of entry : the end.
valentine message about zOMG! :
You can run and you can hide,
seriously trust me I have tried.
papa saw will get you one way or another.
so pick the easy way and not the other.
if you're a level five,
chances are you can stay alive.
if you can survive when push comes to shove,
those orbs and gold will really get you feeling the love.
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Malevolent Tycoon

Malefic Nite

Working for Love

Yo Logan
No one like a bossy man
Especially when they sit on their butts doing nothing
And you're wonder why you're alone
If you want chicks to be all over you
Get off of your lazy butt and put those hunky muscles to use emotion_dowant
And defend Gaia like the rest of us
Maybe then you can get that girl you like
No matter how old or how.........young eek
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DarkRoseLove presents: I'll Do Anything

Roses are red
violets are blue
even when the animated
is after you
evil dolls are red
yellow or white
even around portal bugs
I'll hold you tight
We are two halves of one heart
not even land sharks can pull us apart
I defeated Papa saw and the doll shrine
this feb 14th
please be my valentine heart
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Invisible Loiterer

Username : ChelleasaurusRexx
Title of Entry : Oh, zOMG!

Oh, zOMG!, should I compare thee to a summers day?
No, I shant. Because you're much more vibrant then that of a day in the sun.
You keep me glued to my computer while others are out at play.
To me your promise of orbs and gold are all that I need for fun.

The joys of the random crews and friends along the way.
Leon calls on me to help all of Gaian kind.
With eight perfect rings, I help to keep the animated at bay.
The more I play, the more fun and secrets I begin to find.

Oh, zOMG!, you will forever be the game I use to pass my time.
You make my life less boring, you give my moments something to fill.
For you, I would support and use my every spare dime.
The best game gaia has ever created and ever will.
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Obsessive Visionary

Good evening. My names Cemetery Hill.
This valentine's called zOMG Is A Good Game To Play For Forever, and it goes a little something like this.
I grabbed a hold of my mouse and I went a-click a-click
I said "you've yet to drop the ring I want" as my number keys get hit
And I'm farming again
And I'm farming again
Yes I'm farming again
And I'm farming again
I wander off to null to salvage my new defibrillate.
I always seem to get duplicates of ones I already have
But who cares anywayThis is so much fun so I cant put it down
I cant put it down
A while ago I started the Legend of zOMG Comic,
For shits and giggles and posted it in the forum
I spend a bit of my time doodling and doddling
in a futile attempt to keep the comic going.

But my love for zOMG,
Just keeps going
Even play in my sleep
The crews are super awesome,
Never a dull moment.
This game rocks my world,
Especially with friends

Through the village greens is the army of gnomes
Just past Bills Ranch is a Pass for Deadman
Zen Gardens and Basken Lake Aquaducts
Gold Beach beyond,
Otami Ruins, And deep sea labs

Best known game to harvest gold
Through all the zOMG areas
Every creature is farmable
There were gift boxes patrolling
Up and down Basken Lake
zOMG keeps telling me
My levels high
Lower it to 4 or lower
You talk your DMS
and your level 12 rings
But I'll never be one of them
Without playing with friends again

A good game to play forever is a game called z-O-M-G
With the PS Farming and the view from the blood tree
You may run through Zen Gardens and encounter the Wishing Tree
And somewhere in the Aquaduct
is a portal to an Alien Hive
Ghi is a force that's possessed inanimate objects
And our rings are the only ways to stop them

zOMG is a good game
To play for forever

Through the village greens is the army of gnomes
Just past Bills Ranch is a Pass for Deadman
Zen Gardens and Basken Lake
Gold Beach beyond,
Otami Ruins, And deep sea lab techs
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Unbeatable Tycoon

Storm Malice Presents Sweet Candy

When I'm alone on those cold nights
Who's gonna comfort me
None other than the man of the hottest pant alive-Marshall
Not only he keeps me warm during those cold nights
He also stalks me where ever I go to keep me safe
Oh Marshall take me
I am yours heart
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Sweet Angel Mary
A love for thee

Oh zomg, how I love thee.
It all started in a runaway train,
when my feelings started.
stopping at a station to get a ring,
the path to killing gramsters
and peelungers was before us.
Then we went to Barton
to find out the Leon's momma
was a terrible cook.
My feelings were blossoming in the greens
until my quest glitched.
I thought I might be broken forever,
but a fix came in and it was off
to kill a gnome general outside his home.
We played with fluffs and garlic in a ranch.
The graveyard gave me chills
but I muscled through it.
I saw some pretty dolls in zen,
while a beat was pound on drums.
I almost gave up on you in the lake,
those wolves were out to kill me
and it seemed like my feelings couldn't surpass them.
But I made it to the saws
and landed in a hive in one piece.
The aliens were creepy but I survived.
I thrived in gold beach
with solar rays and divinity upon me.
I got mob in the ruins
where I ran for my life.
I plunged into you seas
where the clams were tight.
We sebbed, smobbed and smebbed
for days on end.
I've moved from you tail to your body to your head
on countless occaisions.
I know I don't hold any integrity
as the abuse ring is too fun.
I've had my falling in and out of you,
until your fluffs keep trap me again.
It's a love that cannot be explained,
nor could it ever disappear.
To you I give thanks,
because I would be worthless
without you around.
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How do I love zOMG, let me count the ways:
I love it on a summer's day,
I love it when the rain washes the dirt away,
I love it when I have nothing to do,
and I love to kick monster butt too!

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