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Without a doubt I'd have to say Reve Rouille with it's elegant and dark poses.
That and you can never go wrong with Japanese poses lol

*Edit* eek I managed to be the first post on a page!!!
Nano-C is awesome.
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Fausto's Bottle is still my all time favorite
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OMG like the gogh reed becuase thoses suckers are cool like the sword
that's in there and the really nice outfits they have on there
but other then that I vote for the gogh reed that's the
hot a** EI item to me no lie
WOOOHOOO ?!?!?!?!

I am the offical facebook / Gaia fan
mwhahagah (just wanted to post that)
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I...uh...I don't really know what my fav is. I have too many kottans, so it's a bit of a toss-up between nightmare and hidden ace.

I think I'll go with hidden ace, although nightmare is a reeeaaally close second.
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Kottan Bell.... And Gogh Reed.

        Gogh Reed, because of all of it's colors and variety that some other EI's don't have or are lacking, plus it has no real particular theme to it.
Gogh Reed!!
I liked the Nightmare best.
I loved both Inari's Beads and Kottan Bell. heart
Lovely art and ideas.
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Any one got a direct link to the What’s your favorite EI topic?
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Seracila Pendant. ninja
Abstract Realism

I still think Gaia's being a bit lazy with Case of Pietro.

theyre not being lazy...i believe that reapersun, the artist, is currently working on rigs a lot of the time and i think that she updates the case after every 2 rigs... at least that what i've noticed so far... :/
Inari's Beads!

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