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vodka thief
vodka thief
vodka thief
YAY hugs c:
c: Thank you

You're welcome ^.^;; Where are you from?

New Jersey, unfortunately.
What about you? c:

Why unfortunately? lol Ohio~

Because I live in cow country and everyone seems to think that Jersey is like the Jersey Shore and it's terrible.
OH I might be going to Ohio at the end of the summer for a Renn Faire, because I am a nerd c:

Only ignorant people would think that! OH OH OH the Renaissance Festival?
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Thank you so much for kindly hosting this giveaway biggrin
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Vicious Vampire

Onei!! Oh Onei!! Y U SO BEAUTIFUL <333
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vodka thief
vodka thief

Yeah snow and ice.
I live on a back road so they hardly come to put salt down or plow it.
It's a good drawing,wish I could draw.

That sucks, I like in a neighborhood, but they never plow it. So I know those feels.
And I draw, but not that well.
I drew my old avi and my friends avi, but I haven't drawn in forever lol

Draw my avi lol

But I'm so lazy D:
and suck at drawing male avis.
Well make me a female jk
But alright sad lol

I'm sorry :c
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Daft Holmes
Daft Holmes
This thread. Haha you could get lost in it.
-pulls out machete-
Time to conquer the jungle!
Whose with me!?

Count me in. D:

OMG BBC Sherlock Holmes!
You've come to help me!
Best day evar! :3

Yes I have come to help you, now we need seat belts, machetes, what else... We need more people.

Does this make me an honorary Watson for a day? whee

//rips seat belts out of car
//hands them to you
Seat Belts! Check!
//brandishes machete
Machete! Check!

Now more people....
We just need them to quote our post!
Though how..... how....
//pulls on thinking cap


-Takes hold of seat belts.- Now all we need is more people to help control this bumpy ride.-Stares at machete- Also start hacking away at some, maybe we can ease them.
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Good luck, guys! smile Thank you, Sisky!!
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Invalid Reason

To you as well!

THANK YOU!!!!!!~ biggrin
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- l H i n a l -
... Hard to pick up what everyone is talking about when there are so many post in this thread...

lol yeah thats why im just quoting people random ppl ;o;

Nice avi you got biggrin
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I want that price
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Witty Capitalist

her rain
Merry christmas! cat_mrgreen

Well hey there, Kiki!
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II Mort II
Ppt Slvn
II Mort II
Ppt Slvn
II Mort II

I like both of your avis. >.> Just saying.

Thank Youuu!!!
Your is sooo awsome!!! O.O

It's not that awesome... <.< Not like yours. Yours looks like a little bumble bee. biggrin

xD Little bumble bee... emotion_awesome
Are you kidding??!
Yours look like some kind of God or something O.O

What..? I like bumble bees. biggrin

Haha, don't get me wrong I like them too, but never though of it xDD
Black and Yellow xD
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How was your holiday?
humbugfull :3 nothing special. just the usual

It was good. My family had a good time and so did I. haha.
that's nice. tell me more

My baby nephew came and he was hugging everyone
aww how cute! i also had my baby niece. she didnt hug tho.. just stare creepily with her huge blue emotion_kirakira eyes
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Lonely Phantom

How many inches of snow has everyone gotten so far? Florida's got nothin'~ emo

Not very much in Illinois either, but I sure as hell am going to steal your Piplup.
This is rather fun. xd blaugh 3nodding

Chaotic! LOL! rofl rofl rofl

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