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On Christmas Light Dark 7 was opening gifts and spending time with her family. Then at night then she was sleeping some one break in. She head a noise and check on it. She saw some one with a gun. She run to her parents bedroom and woke them up. Some one is in the house with a gun. They were to tiered and went back to sleep. She was frighting with the some one. The some one shoot her. She took the gun and shoot the some one. She was scared then she got shoot and some one was in the house. She called 911. She is lucky she is alive.
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Okay so on Christmas Morning, i woke up late (about 12pm) because my little sister moved back my alarm. And then i went down stairs to go to the Christmas tree, and i could smell a very strange smell, and who would have guessed, my cat pooped under the Tree. Okay so once we got that cleared up, we started opening our presents, (My Mom and my Sister) And the first present i opened, (from my sister) inside happened to be a fake poop, so not the greatest start to opening presents, hehe!
And later on in the morning, we got a ton of post through the letter box (UK) and once of them happens to be from my Grandma, she usually get's me something home made. And as i opened it, i noticed something was wrong with it. It was pink! My grandma got me a pink shirt, and as i put it down on the floor to have a better look at it, my cat comes in as he does, and pees on it.

Best Christmas Ever! xD
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Gingerbread Massacre
Entry # 1

My grandmother was a fantastic cook. Seriously, this woman could cook. She had her own weekly column in our local paper in which she would share old family recipes with the folks of our home town. She always tried to get her grandchildren involved in any way she could with her cooking. And so it became a yearly Christmas tradition that she would cook the pieces for gingerbread houses and gingerbread men and women for my brother, my sister, and I to decorate and place on the dining table for the entire family to admire during Christmas dinner.

As the oldest, it was always my job to organize our efforts (it also helped that I was the most artistic of the bunch). Year after year we would work diligently to impress our grandmother by making more and more elaborately decorated houses out of the material she gave us. It became sort of a secondary tradition to do the decorating out of sight, and surprise her with the house at the Christmas dinner she had worked so hard to prepare for us.

Well, one year, having already decorated the house, we sent my sister after the gingerbread-men and gingerbread-lasses. We were decorating in the basement that year, so
she had to run upstairs to get to the kitchen. On her way back to us, she tripped on her way down the stairs. She was alright, of course, but I would not say the same thing for our poor gingerbread people. They were in pieces.

Instead of giving up on our gingerbread folks, we insisted on taking a new artistic direction. It would be a Gingerbread Massacre! The broken limbs were covered in sweet icing blood, their faces were painted with X's for eyes, and the one, mostly whole, gingerbread man was given a Twizler-Candy-Glass axe and a crazed expression.

It was a beautiful, gory, candy mess. My God, it was magnificent! I still can vividly see it in my mind's eye these many years later. We ceremoniously placed it on the dining room table right before grace was to occur. Grandmother's expression was one of shock, while Grandad held one of amusement. Our parents couldn't hold back their laughter. My great-gram was the first to speak, "Well, this is certainly interesting!" We all had a good laugh about it.

For years after that, we would try to recreate the Gingerbread Massacre--or another strange work of Gingerbread art, but it never would work out the same way.

Grandmother passed away three years ago, and we haven't had a gingerbread house since. Maybe I'll try my hand at cooking one this year. :3

I think it taught me brilliant mistakes can lead to fantastic inspiration.
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* Username: Katee Rose
* Title of Entry: Christmas is for Giving
* Entry #1
A week before Christmas in 2011, a tragedy hit my hometown, Cagayan de Oro, Philippines. A typhoon named "Sendong" passed through the city overnight, escalating in a massive flood which killed thousands. My relatives lived on the poor area of town by the riverbank where the flood started. Within just a few hours, the flood was higher than the rooftop of the poorly structured homes. My relatives barely escaped. At 2AM in the morning, neighbours were pounding on her door to get out while the flood was already knee deep. My aunt and her 3 little kids had to swim in dirty water in order to survive and climb on the highest roof in the area.
All of this happened while I was in Canada, in the luxury of my three-story home, enjoying the snowfall. When we heard this, we tried to contact them, but couldn't get ahold of them for two days. Everything we knew came from the news, and each night I would go to sleep crying, hoping and praying that they were alive and safe. Finally on the third day, we got ahold of them. They had been staying at my grandmother's house located on top of a hill. When we skyped with them, our hearts were filled with joy and relief at the news of their safety, quickly followed by grief and tears when we heard they had lost everything they had. The structure of their house collapsed and everything they had either drifted away or were irreparable. What surprised me the most, however, was their happy faces and laughter after such an unfortunate event. My aunt told me that she was just happy that her family survived and didn't want to dwell on what she had lost because it was replaceable.
Long story short, I was so inspired by their strength to overcome such tragic events that I started a charity for them in my community. I did a bottle drive and a bake sale. My parents and I also donated a large portion of our paycheque and the younger ones asked for cash as Christmas presents so they could donate it.
On Christmas day in the Philippines, my relatives woke up to find two tables filled with food and the Christmas tree surrounded with presents. Skype was turned on and we were able to see each and everyone's reaction. And that's how I spent Christmas Eve. Filled with tears of joy and laughter. Thanking the heavens for the opportunity to provide and share my blessings.

My only wish is that someone reads this and be inspired to give this season. Happy Holidays!
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During Christmas Night, I woke up and got out of bed. I had been preparing to tackle Santa ( I really was going to! I had wanted extra presents.) So I slowly and quietly crept down stairs,
All of a sudden I saw a beam of light. "AHHHHHHHHH!' I cried. Then I realized ( with my stupid kid brain.) "Maybe, I'm scaring Santa!" ( that was the only thing I thought, nothing like, wait... doesn't Santa come from the chimney, or why was Santa coming out of my parent's bedroom, or the super obvious question, why were there two santas!?) After that, I woke up and ( for real this time ) got out of my bed, and started looking for presents and I found none. At that time I had felt mortified and extremely guilty. Now a few years later, my mom tells me that it turns out, my parents weren't the two santas or anything, it was just that because I screamed in the middle of the night they got worried and checked up on me, but I fell asleep on them after that so they totally forgot about the gifts.( My mom found the gifts in our garage.)
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* Username Margareee
* Title of Entry Merry Flymas
* Entry # 1

When I was around 12 years of age my family moved to the "big city." About a 4 hour car ride away from where we were living. After a couple of years my parents decided we would go "home" for Christmas. They had bought a an old barn that had be converted into a house. It was a beautiful place, you walked in through the front door to the living area with the kitchen to the right completely open to view. Just these huge old wood beams in an X shape acting as a divider. On the other side of the kitchen was a closed in garage.

Above the living area was two bedrooms accessible by an open wood staircase, and above the garage was also 2 bedrooms with the same type of staircase. So outside the bedrooms you could look down into the kitchen, it was completely open. And if you want to get to the other bedrooms, you had to go down one staircase and cross the kitchen to go up the other staircase. The only other thing joining the 2 separate was some more huge old wood beams.

It had used to be an old barn so there was lots of beams. My parents had so friends go in to turn the heat on so that when we arrived the place would be all nice and warm and ready for us.

Well what a welcome we got when we walked in that front door...OMG..hundreds..no I swear THOUSANDS of houseflies!! Everywhere! There was a carpet of flies! And because they had been "woken" up when the heat was turned on..they were that stupid doozey where if you swat them they go nowhere! Ugg I can still remember trying to swat them off my pillow! We had the vacuum out sucking them up. Still grosses me out thinking about it!

We figured because it was an old barn, the wood was probably full of fly eggs or flies and that's why there was so many of them. To this day I still love old wood, but I'm still nervous to bring it into my home!!
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* Username Margareee
* Title of Entry Christmas Magic
* Entry # 2

One of my earliest Christmas memories is of me and my sister, I'm not sure how old we were but we shared a bedroom and we waited we held breath listening for our parents to go to bed on Christmas eve. It seem to take forever, then once we were sure they would be asleep we creep out.

Our plan was to hide and wait for Santa to arrive!! Then we noticed that the stockings were filled!! OMG Santa had been here already!! We were so excited...then oh no...he didn't put anything in Nanny's sock or our brother's sock...we were shocked oh really way to excited that our socks were filled. So we ran back to our room to get our housecoats and slippers on and come back out to check out our stockings!!

I swear we were gone like 40 seconds if that, when we came back out Nanny's and our brother's socks were filled!! OMG that meant Santa was here when we were out here earlier!! Ohh the awe and wonder I felt in that moment! Still gives me goosebumbs!
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Username: JayJay X Genocide
Title: Why NOT To Anger Your Parents On Christmas Eve, A Public Service Announcement.
Entry #1

I always knew I'd tell this story, so gather round and let JayJay tell you why you should be a good noodle. Now, this'll sound really corny, but sometimes, you push the wrong buttons on your parents, you push the envelope too far, you over-frost the anger-cake, whatever terrible analogy you like. The point is, eventually you have to pay for this, and if your parents are half as truly EVIL as mine, you'll never do it again after that.

It was late December, the exact date is insignificant because I was like, eight, so the only important thing about the date was that it WASN'T Christmas. Now, my parents both try really hard to cooperate on present shopping, even though they can't even sit in the same room before having an argument over something idiotic. That particular year, I had pestered my dad ALL month to tell me what I got (as I was aware he had done his shopping early, because he's just like that) from him.

When he asked "What is Christmas even about to you?" I, with my poor little eight year old mind not registering the trap ahead, instantly shouted this:

"PRESENTS! DUH! Wow dad, you said you were smart!"

Yeah, I was stupid.

"Well, if I'm so dumb, maybe I don't know where your presents are!" he had replied, now annoyed with my blatant disrespect for family values.

"HAHA! You even said it, you're dumb dad!"

REALLY stupid.

At this point in time, my father had been pondering an evil, EVIL scheme, just because he LOVED pranking me, to the point where now I am unprankable, because he has me on guard 24/7. But, my mom was vouching for me, saying it was just the excitement of the season speaking. Then I blew that. You see, this was the year where I came home and told my parents "Santa isn't real." as if this were a concept they couldn't comprehend.

"What do you mean?" they had asked.

So I told them about how one of my best friends, Andrew, who was a year older than me, said his parents told him that Santa was fake. Then he got all the other older kids to come and confirm it. Anyway, back to the point, I completely ruined my mom's support, however, when brought up the topic you NEVER bring up to a woman.

"Hey mom?"

"Yes, Jared?"

"Is the reason we don't bake cookies on Christmas because YOU'RE on a diet, because YOU'RE too fat? Because you said that about Santa, but I know you and dad are Santa, and I know dad wouldn't eat the carrot sticks we left out, because he said that's rabbit food, and dad doesn't like rabbits...I think." I asked/babbled on pointlessly as innocently as I could. I truly meant nothing by it, but it was too late. Hell hath no fury like a women scorned.

So, let's fast forward to Christmas morning. I sprint out at five in the morning, sit on the futon in the living room, and watch TV until my mom and dad finally come out, after hearing the magic bullet infomercial for the third time. As my sisters came out of their room, I turned and tore open my presents.

I then bawled my eyes out.

In the box, which was the PERFECT shape for a Playstation 2 video game, was an "I Owe You" note for, that's right, coal. So I opened the next box, about shoe-box sized (I wanted new Vans, like the old ones with the checkerboard print), and found the little, black rocks. Freaking out, I opened the next box, which was absolutely ENORMOUS.

And found twice my weight in coal.

So I ran to my room, tripped on an action figure (I remember it was my Red Ranger from the original Mighty Morphing Power Rangers because I kicked him, he broke, and I cried harder), and just stayed on the floor. Eventually what felt like an eternity (but was actually five minutes) later, my parents came into my room laughing just WAY too hard. I looked up and said, teary eyes and all, the first thing that came to mind.

"I GOT COAL ON MY FAVORITE PAJAMAS!" and cried harder. I don't know why, but it was the final straw. At that point, my parents were kind of worried by the sheer amount of tears I could pump out, since there was a huge wet spot on the carpet from the crying. Realizing something, I looked up and smiled. "So, Santa is real!"

Yes, I was happy that the jolly fat man was real, so I could get ultimate redemption next year, at least until my dad spoke.

"No Jared, he's still fake."

More crying.

"We put the coal there, to teach you a lesson."

"What, that you guys are mean?! That wasn't funny!"

"Yes it was!"

At that point, my mom smacked my dad upside the head for encouraging the emotional torture of his own children.

"Jared, honey, we love you, and we have all your presents in the closet in the living room. You can go pla-"

Yeah, I never heard the end of that sentence. By the time my parents made it to the living room, I was playing with a brand new Optimus Prime. That was a pretty legit freaking action figure, I have to say. And that concludes this endless story that probably bored you to death,
Username: Rialynn Taylor
Title: Last to Know
Entry #1

I really liked this guy a few years ago. He was cute, fun, and the life of the party. We went to a dance together in December, and we both had a good time. My group of friends knew how much I was into this boy, and they said they were so happy for me. (This was my first crush ever.)

That Christmas, I traveled to Florida to visit my Dad, and I told all my friends (and the guy) I'd text them while I was there. As soon as I got to Florida, I sent them all a text saying my flight went well and I was now with my Dad....Only one friend responded.

During my entire trip, she was the only friend who responded to my messages, and eventually I gave up trying to talk to my other friends, or the boy I liked. I asked her how everyone was back home, and she said they were all fine. Well, Christmas Eve came and I wanted to post a happy message on Facebook for all my friends. I get on -

And right at the top of the main page was a post saying that the boy I liked was now in a relationship with another girl. I was dumbfounded at first. I thought this was a really bad dream, that I'd call or text a friend and all would be better. No, it wouldn't, for the first comment on this one post was from one of my best friends. It read, "I'm so happy for you guys!"

How could my best friend not tell me about this? I tried texting my other friend, the only one who responded, but when I told her that I just found out about the boy, she ignored the subject and never brought it up again. My heart broke. I felt played. He didn't tell me he was now with someone else, and my friends never bothered to tell me what happened. My dad said he'd get the whole army to back me up and go after the boy. I laughed at the joke, but not even a parental joke could mend my broken heart.

I cried myself to sleep and awoke the next morning with a heavy heart. My dad and my sister didn't like seeing me so down, and they gave me extra hugs and we went out to get hot chocolate. smile It made me feel a little better, and the rest of my Christmas was good.
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Title:Merry Christmas And Happy Food fight!
Entry #1

It was in my School we had a Christmas Party!. We were playing games and my classmates played statue dance when my class mates were dancing the music stopped they all froze our teacher came in and said "Oh no!!! Time stopped!!Why!!!!".We all laughed so hard that my other classmate sneezed and his booger was all over the black board!!.My student teachers laughed to.When it was time to open present my classmate was so psyched that when his secret partner gave him the gift he said "Please let be money!!" It was actually play money!!.We all laughed so hard!!.

When it was time to eat my classmates prayed before eating but my other classmates prayer was another prayer we laughed a bit.When it was time to eat my other classmate took the last Whole chicken and ate by himself we all were angry with him.While were eating i was shocked that my classmate putted Icing on my face!!.My other classmate threw spaghetti on my other classmate head!.Then that time we had a food fight!!

My other classmates nose was full of Icing!! We all laughed at him.My other classmate sprayed Coke all over my face!! I had Coke in my ears!!LOL.My other classmate brought water guns we had a water fight.There was so much water in our classroom that i accidentally slipped and fell and my clothes were dirty.T.T Then i changed my clothes and went home when i came home my Grand Mother told me "What did you do!! Please don"t tell me you were in the dumpsite!" I did not laugh because my Grand Mother is Angry when i got in my room thats when i laughed so hard.

So thats my christmas story last year.
Thanks for listening.
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* Username ethickca
* Title of Entry: The Barney Balloon
* Entry # 1

It started, as everything seems to start for me, on Christmas eve. Every Christmas even my grandfather would parade my sister off to let us each get big balloon of our choosing. That year since i was five and in my Barney the Dinosaur phase i came home towing a balloon with the likeness of barney tied to my wrist, my twin and her flower balloon proclaiming hers was better the entire way back. I spent the rest of the afternoon either skipping around the house with my balloon or talking to my two aunts that had just arrived with their husbands in tow.

In the evening we had the first part of the Christmas feast all lined up in the dining room table; the sparkly silver spoons and good plates laid out on table mats and the fancy tablecloth. I had just finished stuffing my face with mashed potatoes and was playing under the table among the feet of the guests, barney tied to my chair to float above the dining room table. When no sooner did i stick my little head out from under the dining room table did i see a plastic knife, that to this day i do not know where my grandfather got that thing, sail through the air and fly right through Barney’s face sending the balloon the fall slowly to the floor.

In my family they say that Great Aunt Dorothy could inhale in horror and empty the car of all the air; i think that day the world had to stop breathing for a moment because i am pretty sure my family sucked all the air in the entire world into their lunges as that balloon began to fall. My grandfather hastily explained that he had been trying to see if it would break the glass on the double doors behind the dining room but had missed and hit the balloon; i think not even the cat believed that. Christmas Eve dinner was cut short as my grandfather was forced to drive me back to party city five minutes before it closed and by a new Barny the Dinosaur balloon; said balloon was forgotten the next day as i received an giant stuffed tiger i named Phil who i still have to this day.
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Title- An unexpected gift
Entry #1

My family is rather large. My stepdad has 12 uncles and aunts, and thats just on his fathers side. His family is almost as large on his moms side. He married my mom a few years ago, and i never got to know his family that well. I'm only about 13 years younger than my stepdad, so im closer in age to my aunts and uncles than my cousins, but normally, me and my little brother ended up left out and alone.

A couple years ago, we went to his moms christmas party. my stepdads mom invited my mom and my stepdad of course, but she didnt know me and my little brother were also going. We hardly knew her, and she got immedetly upset when we arrived. Me and my brother didnt know why, but we soon found out. Everyone in the family had a hand-made stocking hanging over the fireplace, and newly added to the end was my moms. But she forgot about my mom having me and my brother, so as everyone in the family got to see what gifts they had gotten from the other family, me and my brother sat alone and watched as our family got to open their gifts. Upset with the situation, we left the room after about 20 minuites, unable to take being left out.

However, when we returned after my brother consoled me, we were met with a shocking discovery. In everyones stockings, they got candy and small toys as just a small gift from my stepdads mom. Everyone took their candy and toys, since they were adults and didnt really need it, and made piles where were were originally sitting, with our names written on a napkin on top.

After being left out and bullied for years in our younger years, me and my brother were extremly warmed by this, and the next year, when we returned to the reunion, there was 2 new stockings with our names on them- literally!
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username: Lady Ifrit
title: "Not Everyone Loves Hershey's..."
Entry Number: One

Once upon a time, there was a sweet, though not so innocent young lady of sixteen that, with her parents, was visiting her uncle and his boyfriend, for the Christmas holiday. Her uncle and his companion lived in a quiet little place, amidst a million other little places, that looked exactly the same. She thought this was called a suburb, but at the time, she really wasn't sure.

By being in this city, she was living a dream. She'd always wanted to visit the home of one of the worlds most awesome brand of chocolate and goodies of the sort! However, this dream eventually became a nightmare. The day was well, but the young lady was very bored. Shortly after evening came, her cousins (who were also visiting) were going to take a drive to the store. She thought the boys to be interesting enough, and with as tiresome as she had grown with listening to the adults talk, she tagged along, clamoring into the back of the older to the two brothers' car.

Unfortunately for her, she didn't find this little journey all that entertaining either. As a matter of fact, almost every word that dripped from the boys mouths drover her farther and farther over the brink of the feeling of anger. They spoke of torturing, and doing even worse things, to cats... The young lady loved cats, and she was deeply offended by their talk. She tried to make this evident, but she couldn't get a word in, edge wise.

Once they arrived back at their uncle's place, the girl went to see her father, to ask if it was alright to go for a walk, explaining that she needed to blow off some steam and clear her head. Once she had permission, she took off into the night. She had remembered that on the drive, there had been a willow tree by a small stream that she could get to, if she took a left down the sidewalk. She was fond of weeping willows, and the knew the atmosphere would help. She was quite right. It took a little while, but with the comforts of the tree and the sound of running water, she eventually found herself calmed, and feeling quite normal. After a bit, she decided to go even farther in her journey.

The young lady walked, walked, and walked some more. She didn't pay attention to where she was going, and when she realized she wasn't paying attention, she found herself lost. She didn't know house numbers, street names, or just how many turns she had taken, nor which directions she turned. Not too worried yet, she continued to walk, hoping she'd find something that looked familiar, amidst all of the houses that looked exactly the same, minus some varying holiday decor. - The farther she went, the more lost she became, the colder she felt, and her worry began to rise in her throat. Panic, even, as she had noticed the same car pass by her, 5 times.

Thankfully, the car never stopped to bother her. Must have just been a group of people, out joy riding. Eventually, when she began to freeze, she stopped at one of the random places that looked identical to her uncles, to ask if she could use the phone. The first thing she did, was call her mother. Though hours away, she knew it would make her feel better, just to hear her voice. To her disappointment, no one answered. She then called her aunt, who suggested the young lady call her grandfather, as he was tight with the local police department and might be able to provide assistance.

After speaking with her grandfather, he said the best thing that she could do, is call 9-1-1. After thanking him, that's exactly what she did. The dispatch officer that answered her call had only dampened her mood even farther. His response to her explanation was quite annoyed and rude, simply stating that they're not an escort or taxi service. As he was about to hang up, he then asked her to hold, saying that a call that just came in about a missing child, and that it might pertain to her.

After a few minutes of holding on to the strangers phone, the dispatch officer's voice flooded her ears, tears flooding her eyes as he requested the address that she was at, and informed her that they were sending a car. He told the young woman to wait outside, and that a uniformed officer would be there to pick her up shortly. - The shortly turned out to be a half hour. The young woman felt numb from the cold by the time the officer arrived, but had felt one of the most intense joys of her life thus far, when he opened the door to the back of the squad car for her. She climbed in thankfully. Her joy was quickly diminished, as he threw more questions at her than she knew how to answer. Personal questions. Questions about her, about her journey, about her father.

Eventually, they car pulled into the driveway of her uncles place, her father looking like a Klingon, ready to attack a challenger. Fear overtook her then... Her father was a strict man, who was a very firm believer in physical discipline. She was afraid that she was going to get the beating of her life for what she had done. For what she had just been through.

Outside the car, the officer and her father were having heated discussion. She couldn't hear them over the hum of the engine, but she was afraid. Eventually, the officer opened the back door, and the girl climbed out of the vehicle. She quivered with cold and fear, waiting for the very worst thing she may ever experience. Instead of striking out at her though, her father pulled her into the biggest, tightest, warmest hug that the girl had ever experienced. She lost it then, crying, sobbing over how sorry she was, how scary the event had been, and how thankful she was to be back.

The young woman's father assured her that everything was okay. That he was glad that she was back with him, and that if she ever did anything like that again, she most likely wouldn't live to tell about it. An empty threat, but it was one that only brought the girl more comfort, though more remorse along with it. His words and tone showed how much he was worried, and how glad he was that she was back.

Eleven years has passed since that event, and the young woman is now an adult with a child of her own... I have never forgotten that Christmas Eve. My father and step-mother wouldn't allow it, even if I wanted to. They'll never let me live it down, and I know this is the truth. It's something we can all look back on and laugh at now, but the feelings I had that night, remain inside. I can only hope that nothing like that ever happens to my son, and that I never have to experience the feelings my father felt, when I was missing.
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* Username: Wrenry
* Title of Entry: Not Even Scented Candles Could Help
* Entry #: Entry No. 1

On my mother's side of the family we rotate which family member's home we hold what I call the Big Family Gathering. This is basically a mini-family reunion where all the relatives gather and bring food to share as we enjoy Christmas Eve together.

Several years ago when I was in high school, my aunt's house was the designated gathering place so with a crock pot of macaroni and cheese I went with my parent's and brother to her house. When we knocked on my aunt's door my aunt opened it and when she did we were immediately assaulted by a stomach churning odor.

My mom simply said to my aunt: "Smells like you've cooked some chitterlings."

And which my aunt proudly replied as we went in: "Yes, I boiled them the night before. I hope everyone enjoys them."

Now if you don't know, chitterlings are the intestines of pigs or cows that can be boiled and eaten. But they release a rather strong odor in the process and when cooking indoors its usually a really, really, good idea to leave any and all windows open to let the odor out.

My aunt though didn't do that because it had been cold the previous night and she didn't want the cold air coming into her house. So because of this the house hadn't been ventilated letting this strong odor of boiled animal intestines stay trapped inside. My aunt and her husband did try to elevate the smell by leaving lighting scented candles though out the house, but they barely helped since the smell even managed to over power that of the scented candles.

Finally as more people gathered and a few more younger relatives innocently, and quite loudly, proclaimed that the house stunk, my aunt's husband cracked open a few windows and the front door to let the odor out of the house. It took awhile, and we had to put on our jackets from the house getting cold from the winter air, but the odor finally went and my aunt promising to not make any more chitterlings the night before a family gathering.
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Username: Antionette17
* Title of Entry: Christmas is different this year
* Entry # 1

Usually for Christmas we spend it hanging out with loved ones and cooking mass

amounts of food for the ever increasing family. Christmas was about hanging out with my Grandpa

and listening to war stories and how he dosnt know for sure if he has a child in Korea or not how he

use to be a baker or what his life was like back in the day it was the high lights of my

Christmas's I wanted to sit and listen every year every story and be comforted by how just being around him

would make me happy. Christmas isn't always fun and cheer although it should be science it

always comes once a year this year my Life has turned dark and gray because my grandfather this

year has sadly passed away.....it started in July he was sick and frail coughing and having

problems breathing not being able to fix this with normal medicine from over the counter we took

him in to the hospital it turned out it wasn't just us thinking so he had large masses all over his

lungs and science he was so old they said there was nothing we could do. I watched him as he

grew sicker and sicker and then I watched as he slowly but surly was dieing...I soon came to

realize that no matter how much time I spent with him....He wouldn't stay any longer then

before...I watched as he died I watched as he faded I watched as my Christmas's changed and

then I felt jaded.....I will have a warm and Merry Christmas but only knowing that My grandfather

now in Heaven staying with god...........

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