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Lonely Giver

* Username Rewritten Dreams
* Entry #1
* My New Years Resolution is to loose some weight this year
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Handsome Hero

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Username: tamagotchi_god3000
Entry : 1
I will never waste time is my New Year's Resolution because time is something that I can never retrieve again once used or wasted. So, this year, I will try to make myself more productive! Bye laziness! Hello productivity!
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Dangerous Tycoon

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* Username Arch Angel Neko
* Entry #2
* Communicate more with friends and family. So that I will always be in touch with the world. : >
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In a relationship with Lucifer The Tormentor

Militant Gekko

Username: Arkadiusz Caelum
Entry #1
My new years resolution is to finally stop procrastinating on school work so that I can pass 10th grade and not get so stressed out right at the end.

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Man-Hungry Loverboy

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* Username : American Weather
* Entry: 1
* My new years resolution for 2013 is to be able to bring up my grades in all subjects in school, and finally graduate. I'm in my final year of high school, and as excited as I am to finally graduate, my grades are not all that good, especially in Math subjects. My resolution is to be able to study up more on my classes and bring up all those grades. I wish I had realized this years ago, so I hadn't been procrastinating as much as I did xD.Once I do graduate though, I'll feel much better, and accomplished, but who wouldn't feel accomplished when finishing 12 year straight of schooling. Then again, i'm probably going into College, but I don't think that will be as difficult, seeing as I'll be studying something I'm actually interested in. But that will only be accomplished if I can pull my act together and get through this final year of high school. heart
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Versatile Lunatic

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Username: Black Death Goddess
Entry #1
My New Year's resolution for 2013 is, to try my hand at extreme couponing and save myself and my family tons of money.
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Anxious Regular

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* Username Drago_the_blackrose
* Entry # 1
* Description of your New Year resolution along with a brief description of why it is important to you!: My New Years Resolution is to stop all of my personal pollution. I always talk about the negativity that people cause and how I am effected by them negativly. However I don't try to change myself. My new Years Resolution is to change all of that. I want to bring the most positive influence that I can to the world. To much negativity in the world. Not enough postive lights.
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Ruthless Zealot

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* Username: FatalityKaz.
* Entry: #1.
* My New Year's resolution for 2013 is to improve my grades at school, and more so; to study harder so that I may achieve in my goal of becoming accepted to the higher studies for animal vet-care.
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Obsessive Phantom

I want to start making my lunches for work. It's ridiculous that I keep spending 6$ a day when less than 10$ a week can do the same thing.
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Sparkling Loverboy

* Username: Ariel
* Entry #1
* I resolve to make at least one new friend this year!
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Dangerous Perfectionist

* Username: Raijyn
* Entry # 1
* One of my New Years Resolutions is to lose weight, or at least get fit! I want to do this because I have some extra flab that I want to get rid of, because overall it just doesn't make me feel good. I won't have to lose much weight, but for someone unfit like me, this is a HUGE commitment and one I hope to keep!
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Sweet Pyromaniac

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            • Username: Mad~Madisson
            • Entry #2 for Tuesday, January 1, 2013
            • My New Year's resolution for 2013 is to do more exercise or be more active. Sitting down too much in front of the computer is giving me back problems, so going out more often, or even getting up to move around every 20 minutes or so should help.
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        * Username ~ Pinque Von Fluffendorken
        * Entry # 1
        * Description of your New Year resolution along with a brief description of why it is important to you!

        My main resolution is to take more risks with my work. I have been an professional artist for many years, and I just want to go outside the box and make things that are different and more interesting in ways that are different from what other people have done this year. I already did that a bit in 2012, but this year I really want to amp it up! heart
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        Lonely Giver

        * Username Rewritten Dreams
        * Entry # 2
        * New Years Resolution #2 start college
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        Apocalyptic Entrepreneur

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        * Username: The_Rg
        * Entry 1
        * My big resolution this year is to stop self sabotaging. I'm constantly letting myself (and in doing so, others) down because I think I have a subconscious fear of where that success will take me. I need to get my act together and just believe that I can do what I want to do, and that I deserve to do it.
        Otherwise I'll never achieve anything! 4laugh

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