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Fanatical Man-Lover

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  • Demonic Associate 100
* Username javgier-g
* Entry # 1
* This year i want to try and make 1 or more people smile a day. last year was really depressing for me, and i figured that spread cheer just might make me more cheerful.
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Beloved Feeder

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* Username: M y Tr ue Li g ht
* Entry # 1
* Mainly to just keep working on improving my art, so that I can be overall satisfied with it C:
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  • Citizen 200
  • Gaian 50
* Nanja
* Entry #1
* To fix my communication problem to save my marriage.
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Chatty Humorist

* Username: Cadavru
* Entry #1
* My New Year's resolution for 2013 is to get a scholarship for my performances during this school year. c:
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Friendly Lunatic

6,800 Points
  • Cat Fancier 100
  • Battle: Knight 100
  • Forum Sophomore 300
Entry #1
My new year's resolution for 2013 is to improve my art,especially in the digital field,and also to become more open and nice to people around me.
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Wealthy Lunatic

Dr Creeps

Resolution: To hold on to my girlfriend, for another year.
My reason is because, this one girl came into my life, made me happy. Where I've been trapped in the darkness for too long, suffering too many depressing relationships.
She came along, like a full moon on a cloudless night. Shes the only one who can make me happy.

I love my girlfriend.
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Militant Sweetheart

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  • 50 Wins 150
  • PvP 200
Username: Simplyfied
Entry #1
I want to finish my graduation exams with better grades than in my first round. I've been studying much harder and more efficiently and also lost less time than last time (because I was sick the first time around) - the written exams are already finished, I'm waiting for the grades now and then want to rock the oral exam.
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Ice-Cold Sex Symbol

* Username: Leeriel
* Entry # 1
* I shall try my best to be optimistic and be a good employee.
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Wealthy Noob

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  • Popular Thread 100
user. yichem
resolution. gain a pair of mini wings by working hard on gaia because i am a big obsseded of gaia is a dream o own a pair for me so i ll work hard
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Original Hoarder

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  • Bunny Hoarder 150
* Username: `April
* Entry #1
* My new year's resolution is to maintain mostly As in my second semester of my senior year of high school; I can't slack off now, I'm almost done!
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Aged Prophet

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  • Perfect Attendance 400
Opps was meant to edit not post :blush:
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Dangerous Tycoon

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  • Wall Street 200
* Username Arch Angel Neko
* Entry #1 day 1
* My new years resolution is to be focus more on things. I tend to focus on the not very important things in life so this year I'm gonna put my head into what isimportant and aim for that to happen mrgreen Why it is important? Because this is a life changing move/moment for me. :3
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Invisible Lunatic

* Username: Solemnly Divine
* Entry #1
* My new year resolution is to start to exercise and maintain that. Last year was a total bust so I wanna try harder this time 3nodding
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7,750 Points
  • Forum Sophomore 300
  • Forum Dabbler 200
  • Medalist 100
*Username ling56
*Entry# 1
*This year I'm aiming to find a job and to stay alive.
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Beloved Friend

* Username: Miku Magic
* Entry #-1
* My New year's resolution is to get good grades. im mostly getting c's when i want to get a's and b's!,Y'know do good in school and be a better person to people♥ To family and friends and everyone around me and donate more, in gaia and real life♥. do work in the animal shelter really near by

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