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Beloved Giver

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  • Citizen 200
*username: Dashin_Star
*Entry #1
* My New Year's resolution is to express myself more. I'm always shy so I'm trying to get out of that zone. smile
-----Happy New Year everyone!-----
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Kawaii Pirate

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* Username: Theroselife
* Entry # 3
* Description: Get straight As, or at least an A in my 5 important subjects. *Cough SpanishCough*

Thats all for today<3
Username: Ninja Coookie-monster
Entry# 1
My New Years Resolution is to get a super fit body, i'm tired of being skinny.
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*Username: JustMeandYou2
*Entry #2
*I will promise to get my driver's permit by march and my license in september so that I can drive my family around.
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High-functioning Detective

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  • Restorative Spirit 250
I am making the resolution to graduate this year! SENIORS FTW
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Loyal Labtech

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  • Perfect Attendance 400
  • Partygoer 500
  • Firestarter 200
* Username Yeata Zi
* Entry # 1 (Only 1)
* Description of your New Year resolution along with a brief description of why it is important to you!:

I'm going to get down to a healthy weight. I've already started dieting, and will start exercising every day before school. (I have to drop my niece off at 8 am, then I have a few hours before my classes). It's important because I want to be healthy. Hey, I only have to lose 70 lbs. I can totally do that. Right?
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Dangerous Giver

* Username: Fate Disaster
* Entry # 3
* Description of your NYR: For my third resolution I wish to become a better artist.
I love drawing, especially for people on gaia. But I get depressed and low self esteem when i do something I think is great. Then that person gets art from someone who is an amazing artist. So this year I'm planning to finally get a drawing tablet, and hopefully improve my art as best I can.
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Quotable Humorist


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Moonlight Phantom

10,800 Points
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  • Perfect Attendance 400
  • Brandisher 100
* Username: Akumu Nakidasu
* Entry # 2
* Description of your New Year resolution along with a brief description of why it is important to you!
Saving money. I recently moved into an apartment (first one) And now I need to start trying to save more money so I can manage to stay on my feet.
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Generous Giver

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  • Citizen 200
Username; CoolTemperedHelpfulGent
Entry # 1
My new year's resolution is to get a job, since I have been unemployed for 6 years. I like to keep exercising and lose weight and gain muscle, since I have extra baggage I like to lose. I also like to get off computers and find something else to do more often, because I'm a computer addict. I got to make a living. I have to make a living like this, because not doing them is not good and not healthy for me.
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  • Signature Look 250
  • V-Day 2011 Event 100
Username : Jiggly Muffin Man

Entry #2

My new years resolution : Study more before test, so i don't get a bad grade on them.
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Lonely Phantom

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  • Alchemy Level 5 100
  • Generous 100
  • Senpai's Notice 100
Username: Tenshimaru Kensei
Entry #: 1
Resolution: Reach my goal weight of 180 lbs stressed . I know losing weight is the stereotypical New Years Resolution rolleyes , but I honestly want to get to my "optimum weight". If for nothing else but to feel better.
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Feral Nerd

19,650 Points
  • Nerd 50
  • Partygoer 500
* Username: LovePinkSuagr
* Entry #2
* My New Year's resolution for 2013 is to craft backwings in gaia! They're pretty much one of my favourite items and I just think it would be so cool to craft them from beginning to end!
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  • Hygienic 200
  • Dressed Up 200
  • Member 100
*Username: JustMeandYou2
*Entry #3
*My other new years resolution is to start working out seriously again and bench at least 200lb (I'm only 150lb)! blaugh
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Dangerous Millionaire

7,400 Points
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  • Brandisher 100
  • Tycoon 200
* iiTsuki-Hime
* Entry #1
* Since what my mother calls "A one-year break" is over, my New Year's resolution is to finally get off my mother's couch, go to college, and get (if possible) a median wage paying job. (I'm not asking for much here. Any amount of money works for me xD)

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