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Hey everyone how’s it going!

It's Friday night and I’m sitting at home in front of my computer and thought wow what better to do on a Friday night then to join the Party on Gaia so I thought I’d stop by and run a little contest!!!

Since everyone has a cool diverse and unique taste in music I thought why not have everyone share what their favorite song is so that we all can experience a little musical diversity!

You never know you may discover a new cool and unique song that you never knew existed!

Here are the rules!

    1) Post your favorite song

    2) Use the new YouTube Embed Button so we can watch the music video and listen to the song here in the thread!

    3) You may enter more then once but each song must be different!

    4) Have Fun!

I will randomly choose one post at the end of the event and reward them with an October 2010 Monthly Collectible! The winner will be choosen on Monday at noon PST!

Good Luck and have fun experiencing new music!


Please <3 this post so others can check it out and experience the music!

Here are a few of my current favorite songs!

I just got back from clubbing tonight and heard a few new awesome songs and wanted to share them with you guys! Enjoy!

/still has your autograph from the Florida meet-up
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I've loved this song since I was a child. I was raised on Abba, haha.

Nothing will ever top Electric Six.

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/still has your autograph from the Florida meet-up

Old song <3
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Ballroom Blitz by Sweet

Seriously I cannot control my urge to run all over the place. I can't listen to this song while driving for I can easily pass the speed limit 3 times over. This song effin rocks cool
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As of right now, it's this:

If you cannot view the video, the song is "Brennende Liebe" by Oomph! Feat. L'ame Immortelle. 8D
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Harder Better Faster Stronger Alive Radio Edit Version 2007 ;D
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It's mine and my friend Fabian's favorite. And I chose this one because he ran away from home and all I have to say is, "Fabian your mom still loves you, now come back home with your family."
If I knew Fabian liked the song "Love Like Woe" I would have it but I picked what we both liked
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Hurrican by 30 Seconds to Mars (The version without Kanye West).
Of course, this is likely to change in about five minutes, but what can ya do?
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Bright Eyes - First Day of My Life

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