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Monthly Collectible Bundle Contest!

Greetings, Gaians! We wanted to start off our July Monthly Collectibles with a bang! So we're holding a contest where you have a chance to win two July Monthly Collectible Bundles! All we want to know is what sort of Monthly Collectible set you would like to see! What would be your ideal items, colors, designs, and more! Simply let us know by posting in this thread and you could win!

This sounds like a great contest - how do I enter?!?
Entering this contest is easy - you just have to post telling us what your favorite or ideal set for a Monthly Collectible would be:


* Username
* What your ideal or favorite Monthly Collectible Set would be

How many times can I enter this contest?
You may enter this contest as many times as you want, but each post must be different!

How long does this contest run?
This contest will run until July 14, 2014. We will be announcing winners on July 15, 2014!

Can you give more details about what type of entries you are looking for?
Sure can! We want to see you really tell us, if you could design a Monthly Collectible set, would you would like to see. What types of items, poses, colors, anything! What would be the thing you want to see most?

Is there anything that will get me disqualified??
While we don't like to quash artistic freedom of expression, this is Gaia and a so the following rules apply:
* Keep your entries Gaia-appropriate - no sexually explicit content, no graphic violence, nothing that violates the Terms of Service, etc.
* All entries must also be your own personal stories - No copy pasta from other places.

How will the winners be chosen?
We will be randomly selecting entries that are posted in the thread, so the more you enter, the more chances you have to win!

Sounds easy enough but what can I win?!?!
Great question! There will be three winners who will win two July Monthly Collectible Bundles!
Monthly Collectible Bundle Contest - Winners List

Your winners are:

Favored Heiress
Bittersweet Reveries
Darth Acheron

Thank you everyone for participating in our contest!
TheTrickishPuppeteer's avatar

Kawaii Gaian

* Username The Trickish Puppeteer
* What your ideal or favorite Monthly Collectible Set would be-
My favorite Monthly Collectible Set would be anything related to gaming.
babyl10's avatar

Fuzzy Bunny

Username: babyl10

Ideal set:
It would be relating to classical music and jokes with it. Specifically:
Male item: BASSOON-themed: it would be quirky and dark, but especially weird
Female item: OBOE-themed: it would have class. SOOOOO much, too much class
Animal: Percussion. Dontcha' know those guys are animals (and how cute would it be for an animal base to have a triangle) xd
Deletris's avatar

Eloquent Pyromaniac

19,850 Points
  • Firestarter 200
  • Alchemy Level 10 100
  • Elocutionist 200
Username: Deletris

My ideal Monthly Collectible Set would be a variety of hair morphing items!

Looking for ones that:

-Would curl hair or certain parts of hair
-Would make hair wavy
-Would make hair longer
-Would completely cut off bangs
-Would straighten hair
-Braid Extensions
-Would put hair into ponytails
-Hair accessory remover! Get's rid of anything that isn't hair!
-eye brow remover

-Another agape scissors! Hopefully would cut hair to mid-length, instead of the usual short/other non-mid length haircuts!

For the gents:
-Would grow beards/other facial hair
-Would cut or trim beards/facial hair
babyl10's avatar

Fuzzy Bunny

Actually, you know what else would be cool?

Username: babyl10
Ideal Set: Based on Voodoo, with a witch doctor, the village beaty who rejected them, and the animal sacrifice (come on, you gotta admit a creepy animal item like that would be cool)
pacech's avatar

Shirtless Strawberry

* Mumbled
* Surfing items!! I think there already are some items like that, but they're waaay outdated from what I remember.
Plus it'd fit with the whole summer thing.
Make the guy version of it like Arnold Schwarzenegger because lol
Kain-Senpai's avatar

Magic Senshi

What your ideal or favorite Monthly Collectible Set would be:My favorite MC set would have items based on video games. A console for the house, a handheld (custom pose with the avatar holding it ah la holding a 3DS or a PS Vita), gamer-themed shirts (Tri-Force, Metroid, Sword and Shield). Have a wig pose from an RPG, like Tales (Xillia, please) Lunar, Hoshigami, Kartia (when the Ciel scissors are used, it gives a different hair style from a character in that game). A pose for summoning (dragon, Arts, magic, puppets, etc.).

I'd call it Tales from Adventure Land.

Oooo, I have to do drawings now.
lilwashu2002's avatar

Dedicated Lunatic

Username: lilwashu2002
Ideal set: I'd love to have something yarn/knitting related. It could feature another sheep base for the animals.
cottoncandyFRIZZ's avatar

Golden Celebrant

11,750 Points
  • Hero 100
  • Summer Celebrant 150
  • Streaker 200
        User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
        ibuki is a punk rock girl!
        *either something street dance related. or harajuku.
babyl10's avatar

Fuzzy Bunny

*Username: babyl10
*Theme: Mutations. There'd be one item with lab equipment, them a human mutation and animal mutation.
The lab person either be covered in muck or completely sterile and cold.
The human mutation... could go a number of ways. But it would be cool if it had an item that altered other items, like the scissors that've been coming out-- except, they'll make a body mod emotion_dowant
ANIMAL: DOUBLE-EARED BUNNY! MAKE THIS HAPPEN! I wanna be an [animal] like my usual avi, with 2 sets of ears.
Paikeia's avatar

Tricky Traveler

14,450 Points
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  • Jack-pot 100
  • Peoplewatcher 100
*Username: Paikeia

*Theme: Old-fashioned clothing-- you could go mid-1800s with a Southern Belle and gentleman set, with a collie (Lassie!) as your animal item. I would like really any color that isn't pink for the Belle set. Definitely include a parasol-- perhaps an arm mod like Aika's Garden? Unfortunately for some, Southern Belle calls for frills, but hey, at least it's historical? The gentleman set could have a boater or tophat, a "tipping the hat" arm mod, classy coat, and period appropriate pants and shoes. Maaaybe a legmod, but separate pants and shoes would make the item more versatile. The collie can come with a well in the background. emotion_awesome

This is fun. I may come up with more ideas.
babyl10's avatar

Fuzzy Bunny

*username: babyl10
*theme: 1930s crime/poverty. I just wanna see something with references to something like the Grapes of Wrath or Baccano or something.
Male item: Well, you could go a number of ways. Me personally? FDR.
Female Item: Something hardy. You know, with dirt and stuff. Maybe even scissors to cut skirts with a rough edge.
Animal: A mangy mutt, of course. Go for it: make the Scooby Doo reference.
Winter Hue's avatar

Formal Informer

Username: Winter Hue
What your ideal or favorite Monthly Collectible Set would be:

My ideal set would definitely include a lovely pair of eyes, a wonderful and simple makeup pose ( similar to La Belle Chanteuse ), and a wonderful wig ( natural color ) with multiple cuts ( with Agape scissors / Sketchbook pins ). Now I would love a dress or an arm mod to go with everything, but I'm not picky. XD

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