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Shameless Exhibitionist

I love contests.
Good thing I always log in multiple times a day ^-^
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If we win first place can we opt to instead of getting a Wii to take the Red Devil Miniwings or September 2003 Sealed Letter? XD I mean I own a Wii, to me the RDWs or '03 Sept letter are worth way more than a Wii ever could be.
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Does this only apply to the US?

Please, say it ain't so.
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I'm entering this xD
It sounds like epic fun and the Kikis and Cocos are so cute emotion_kirakira
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OMG I want that Kitty Plush xp heart
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Yes! yes D:< gimme emotion_kirakira
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I'm in! >:] Want that 2003 letterr
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I want that Plushie!!!!

heart heart heart heart heart
September 2003 letter <3 omg yes ;o
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yaay cat_3nodding
Derp. Whats a wii?
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I'd love to win crying My nephew always comes over to my house and wants to play the Wii, all I have is a 64 though. Those games are too hard for him sad
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just wanted to say the give away image is the cutest ever!
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Bring it on!
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Sparkly Nerd

finally a contest i can enter daily without having to worry about forgetting xd
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