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*Username: Twins78D
* Favorite type of tempura dish: Vegetable tempura (but I devour any other tempura that is presented to my face)
* Brief description of why i love it: the thinly sliced veg are really crispy without being too oily and tastes refreshing (somehow). the chunkier cut veg, such as the sweet potato, are crunchy on the outside but steaming and soft on the inside. there's a lot of varieties of textures in a vegetable tempura platter and that why I love it. but don't get me wrong, I love eating the other types of tempura as well. biggrin
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Username : Zcy
Favorite type of tempura dish : Fried Green tomato's
Brief description of why you love it : To tell the truth I don't know if this would be thought of as tempura ( to tell, tell the truth I have never heard of the word until this thread ) but small, thin cut, battered and deep fried tomato's,,, I mean what's not to love smile
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Hello all!

Hope you are all doing well today! I've finally managed to get this nasty cold that has been going around and feel like eight shades of doom - ugh! I couldn't even taste tempura if I tried! Not to worry, I'm still on the ball with the prize giving!

The randomly selected winners of yesterday's "National Tempura Day" contest are:

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The Scottish Knight
user name: The Scottish Knight
Fav dish: Is shrimp Tamporura and also shrimp lo'mein with fried rice.
Reason; They are both very healthy and a great dish to eat while on the job doing what I do in R/L.
Have a good one Sisky. Love seeing your contest's and banners.
Hows the diet going poppet?
I hope that all is well.
Take good care. F/R me if you like maam.
God bless!,
Sir Aaron D. III
(you're friend from across the pond.)

Hello across the pond! *waves* Things are going great here - just have a pesky cold, but it's been going around! The diet is going along pretty good and training too. My goal is to hit my 300 lb deadlift this year so I press on. I assume from your username you are in Scotland - how fabulous! I need to get back there again and see more of the country. I was only there for a few days, and I don't feel like I have even begun to see all the fabulous sights and cultural offerings ^^

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Lazarus Larkin
Username: Lazarus Larkin
Favorite type of tempura: sweet potato
Why: I don't usually like sweet potatoes all that much, but they're REALLY good for you. But somehow, when one is sliced up for tempura, it transforms into something awesome and delicious. I love how tempura batter is generally light and not all that greasy too!

I like the sweet potato tempura too, and that it is light and not too greasy! Excellent choice biggrin

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Isabeau Abyss
* Username: Isabeau Abyss
* Favorite type of tempura dish: Vegetable Tempura
* Brief description of why you love it! : Gots to love me some crispy but soft in the middles vegies! Oh and the dip! NOMS

NOMS indeed! It's a fun way to get your veggies in! I really like the eggplant and sweet potato. Om nom nom! 3nodding
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* username* Kohaku_of_Darkness
*Favorite type of tempura dish* anything seafood!
*breif discription of why i love it* because i love seafood and cant get enough of it xd ...also some of its expensive so i cant get it that often crying ( btw is fish and chips a tempura dish? beer battered fried clam strips, shrimp [small and large], cod, salmon and trout are all im familiar with. sweatdrop plus i always take the breading off, since all i want is the seafood!! xp )
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* Username Nie Chan
* Favorite type of tempura dish: Well yesterday I said my favorite, so today I will tell you my second fave Asparagus tempura with honey sauce.
* I love this because I love the crisp asparagus all bright green and battered with the sweet sticky honey drizzled over the top.
Username: [[shiori]]
Favorite type of tempura dish: Acorn Pumpkin Tempura
Brief description of why you love it!: Well I did an exchange trip to Japan when I was 13(about 8 years ago) and this was one of my favorite foods my host mama would make! The acorn pumpkin was extremely hard to cut up, but when fried it is so soft and just melts in your mouth. The taste is so simple with with a slightly sweet pumpkin taste with the crunch of the tempura just tops it off!
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Kawaii Shapeshifter

* Username: Sanjian
* Favorite type of tempura dish: Tempura Icecream
* why I love it: well I always liked icecream, but fried icecream? sounded like unreal to me! After I had my first tempura icecream I could not help falling in love... the hotness of the hot tempura melting along with the froze icecream ... mmmm.... just delicious!
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Username: YoukaiShinigami
Favorite type of tempra dish: Squip Tempera gaia_spoons
Why I like it: I just can't help about squip being fried. I simply love the smooth texture, the crispy exterior and the soft and a bit salty interior. Pure love. emotion_kirakira
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* Username - AstronomyGirl
* Favorite type of tempura dish - Shrimp Tempura
* Brief description of why you love it! - IT'S SO DELICIOUS!!! heart I don't like shrimp that much, but when combined with the tasty tempura batter and fried up, it becomes the best food ever! I can't get enough of it! Shrimp tempura sushi rolls are heaven in my mouth. emotion_drool
yum_shrimp yum_shrimp yum_shrimp
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Bashful Bunny

* Username: Memoirii
* Favorite type of tempura dish: Shrimp Tempura
* Brief description of why you love it!: I love any dish that includes fried shrimp! wink
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* Strawberry-Fappuccino
* Shrimp tempura!!!!
* it's so juicy and sweet with the sauce...it just melts in your mouth no matter how much you eat it!!!
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* Username - BLACKLeSS matches
* Favorite type of tempura dish - Sweet Potato
* Brief description of why you love it! - To tell you the truth I've only had true blue tempura once. I got it with my meal at a Japanese restaurant me and my friends went to during an art club trip. So I was really excited cuz I'd never had tempura before and I wasn't expecting it to come with my meal. So there a bunch of different fried veggies there for me to sample, such as eggplant and bell pepper, but the sweet potato really jumped out to me. It was like heaven in my mouth! I loved it so much, I stole the tempura of my friend's plates since I only got one. To this day I've been searching for delicious tempura to relive the taste it again, vuv
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Username: Eiraa

Favorite type of tempura dish: Veggie Tempura! (Broccoli mostly tbh)
Brief description of why you love it!: Because It's so incredibly yummy, all crispy on the outside and soft and warm on the inside. Thinking about it is making me drool. User Image

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