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* cheeringfortheenemy
* Tempura chicken!
* My uncle made this stuff for us all the time during the Lunar New Year, and we asked him to buy us some batter mix. I used to make it for dinner at least twice a month. cat_3nodding
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Shadowy Nerd

        * Username: himelia
        * Favorite type of tempura dish: Tempura Fried Green Tea Ice Cream.
        * I love tempura green tea ice cream, it's heavenly.
        It depends on the cake you use to hold the green tea ice cream in though, I usually use 7-up cake or something that isn't extremely rich like chocolate cake.
        First of all; I'm a huge fan of green tea flavored anything, and then when you add cake and tempura batter, it's amazing.
        Huge thumbs up from me.
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Dude! I totally had tempura for dinner and I didn't even know about this. What a fantabulous coincidence.

And as it happens my dinner tonight included my favorite type of tempura: shrimp. And it was in udon soup. Really, that's my favorite way to eat tempura; in soup. And so, my official entry:

*Username: killer_purple_froggy
* Favorite type of tempura dish: Almost any type of tempura (but especially shrimp) in soup
* Brief description of why i love it: It gets all soggy instead of being crispy--also, it's kind of like a game to keep it from falling apart and slipping off of my chopsticks.
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* Raixa_Phantasy
* Zucchini tempura
* I can't eat shrimp tempura, so this is my primary option when I visit a café. I loved it because it's a crunchy vegetable. It would add up my daily servings of vegetable.

I have another favorite dish that I'll tell tomorrow.
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Questionable Shapeshifter

* Username: _winterdawnn
* shrimp/prawn tempura
* the nice crispy batter that complements the prawn inside and smells mouthwatering, it is the only time i would eat prawns/shrimp.
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Angelic Fatcat

*Favorite type of tempura dish: I like them all! But I must say I like shrimp tempura over all the rest.
*Brief description of why you love it: Mmm usually I don't like shrimp! Especially when it's just boiled, unless it's super fresh. But when it has the tempura batter it tastes soo yummy! It's so light and crispy and full of fried goodness.... heart
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* Username:sweetroar
* Favorite type of tempura dish: Tempura Bell Peppers
* I first fell in love with it in college, one of the on campus restaurants made it and it was perfect...the batter had a good bread taste to it, but was still light, and the peppers themselves retained their crispiness. I was not one to like peppers, especially if they were by themselves...but I could eat these with no problems!

And yup, just made myself want some of those!

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Aged Shapeshifter

Username: Sanjyuu

Favorite type of tempura dish: Vege Tempura

Why I love it: for some reason it brings out the sweetness in veges, for someone that dislike vege i actually love eating them if they are made this way

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Blessed Kitten

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*Username : PlainFazu
*Favorite type of tempura dish : Chicken, Shrimp and Squid Tempura!! xD
I love it because it is simply that delicious and finger licking good AND I CANT STOP EATING THEM! OAO plus some delicious sauce it'll be he-eavannn. emotion_kirakira
now i feel like making some. o,o
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Sage Prophet

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This contest makes me hungry emotion_drool

* Username: True Manticore

* Favorite type of tempura dish: Green Bean Tempura. This treat is especially near to my heart since the tempura was introduced in Japan in this form by the first Europeans to arrive there, the Portuguese. The original dish that was taken there and created the famous Japanese tempura is still very popular here in Portugal. It is also my favourite kind of tempura and it consists of Green Bean pods lightly fried in delicious batter. The Portuguese name of this treat is "Peixinhos da Horta" which literally means "Garden Fishies".

* Brief description of why you love it! I love it because it is delicious, tasty, and generally healthy. You take a bite and it's crunchy and squishy. And I love veggies emotion_drool It is also a food that reminds me of my childhood and the simplicity of happier, carefree times.
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Benevolent Firestarter

* armalitebaby
* vegetable tempura, especially okra
* It's so crispy and slimy at the same time!
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sadly i never tasted eney tempura sweatdrop but i'd love 2 try it sometime!

* Username: noir glace

* Favorite type of tempura dish: i'd like it 2 be ether chicken or vegis. tempura!

* Brief description of why you love it: ... sweatdrop sweatdrop
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* Username - Chilsvic
* Favorite type of tempura dish - Shrimp Tempura
* Brief description of why you love it! - I never had any before, but I looks so tasty that I want to eat my computer screen emotion_drool
*Username: Kitty Mennie
*Favorite Type Of Tempura: Ramen Tempura
*Reason Why That Is Your Favorite Tempura: I love having Tempura with my ramen because you can dip its deep fried goodness in the soup and eat it. It gives extra flavor to both the soup and the shrimp!!! OM NOM NOM!!!!
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Gracious Firestarter

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*Username: Amunell
*Favorite Type Of Tempura: All kinds of tempura exept onion tempura
*Reason Why That Is Your Favorite Tempura: I loooove tempura heart , any seafood in tempura is great, all vegetables in tempura are juicy and crispy, just thiking abut it makes me hungry. i just hate onions in general.

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