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Username: Lazarus Larkin
Favorite type of tempura: sweet potato
Why: I don't usually like sweet potatoes all that much, but they're REALLY good for you. But somehow, when one is sliced up for tempura, it transforms into something awesome and delicious. I love how tempura batter is generally light and not all that greasy too!
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Username: Setsuna Eternal
Favorite type of tempura dish: Fried Ice Cream
Brief description of why you love it: It's tempura and ice cream all together at once, what's not to love? The next closest thing is mochi ice cream and don't even get me started on that.
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Diamond Glitch

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XxLady SeishinxX


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* Username: Saber Blysmey
* Favorite type of tempura dish: One of the restaurants here makes a snack item consisting of a few chunks of chicken/pork dipped in tempura, skewered, fried, and then topped with some kind of sauce and sprinkled with sesame seeds.
* Brief description of why you love it!: It's super convenient as a light portable lunch or snack and the sauce they top it with goes really well with the crisp batter and tender meat. (:
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Tenacious Traveler

* Username: NaomiNaomi.
* Favorite type of tempura dish: Oreo tempura.
* GRAH~! My taste buds are already watering. I absolutely love Oreo cookies deep-friend in a thick batter. There is just something absolutely delicious upon munching onto something that's soft, but with a slight chocolatey, crunchy interior. Top it off with a drizzle of chocolate syrup and we're good to go. I could manage the dish as a three course meal for life, aha. :9 <3
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*Yeata Zi
* Tempura Avocado!
* the very first time I had Tempura, it was in a little authentic Japanese restaurant in Saint Louis. I was visiting a friend who had just graduated from Army Boot Camp. We drove eight hours.HAD TASTY JAPANESE! I had tempura for the first time. I picked Avocado because it is my favorite part in sushi. AVOCADO IS AMAZING TEMPURA!
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* Shadowkeykeeper
* Favorite type of tempura dish: Shrimp Tempura
* Brief description of why you love it!: I love it because it goes great with any type of batter. Panko, regular, etc. Goes great with coconut too if it's mixed in to the batter! whee Had some of that on New Years Eve! Okay now I feel like going out, buying some shrimp and making some! xd

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* Username: julipy
* Favorite type of tempura dish: green bean tempura
* Brief description of why i love it: i love the green bean tempura because it is thin and crunchy, and it is SUPER good with spicy chili sauce! :p
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Shirtless Cat

I've never tried tempura but it sounds delicious! 4laugh
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* Username: Akemi Chaos
* Favorite type of tempura dish: Vegetable Tempura Roll (nigiri)
* Why I love it: All the wonderful, mouth watering, crunchy goodness of Tempura, wrapped in perfect, fluffy, mouth-sized portions. And no side dishes of rice to worry about. Just add soy sauce or ponzu for dipping. biggrin

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* Username: Dinkaw
* Favorite type of tempura dish i guess tempura shrimp
* I reaally love shrimps, they're so tasty, and combined with the tempura, well, they might not be healthy but they sure are delicious x3
Username: CitrusCookie
Favorite type of tempura: vegetable tempura
Why I like it: It is easy to make and tastes awesome. You don't have to devein it unlike the shrimp tempura. 3nodding
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Super Junior

* Username : monosomy
* Favorite type of tempura dish : banana tempura in ice cream. @u@
* Brief description of why you love it!:
It is delicious, and its profoundly simple, and im still wonder why Ive never thought of it before. A combination of savory and sweet... delicious. emotion_kirakira
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Assimilated Bunny

* Username - krenaes
* Favorite type of tempura dish - mushroom
* Brief description of why you love it! - IT'S MUSHROOM exclaim
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Shy Senshi

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Username: Hyper Somnia
Favorite type of tempura dish: Shrimp, Chicken, Veggie
Why I love it: It is the food of the gods. How can you not love tempura?

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