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Hallowed Nerd

* Username: Ametenshi Vlos Valsharess

* Favorite type of tempura dish: Vegetable Tempura

* Brief description of why you love it: Admittedly, I've never had tempura. But I'd choose veggies because I like the variety in flavors and also my boyfriend is a vegetarian, so we could share it.

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Feral Cutie-Pie

* II Purr II
* Tempara Sweet Potaotes
* I love the taste of the sweet potaote surprised its soo yummie and soft in your mouth mmmmm
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Smitten Kitten

*Username: maggie iratus
Favorite type of tempura dish: scallop tempura
Why I love it: I've actually only had this once but scallops are my favorite seafood and I was blown AWAY.
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Angelic Attacker

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username: cindyyuan123
Favorite type of tempura: Sweet potato Tempura
Why: I just love sweet potato tempura because it's so sweet and crunchy not to sweet just the right amount. The first time I tasted sweet potato tempura I instantly loved it.
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Ruthless Flatterer

* Username: waterrock
* Favorite type of tempura dish: Tempura udon
* Brief description of why you love it: First of all, it includes everything that can be possibly be fried, and it's just so sweet and crisp. I especially like sweet potatoes, broccoli, onions and shrimp!
And then you put all of that on top of udon noodles, which are rather delicious themselves. And who doesn't like noodles too? emotion_omnomnom
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Magic Cub

* Username: Memoirii
* Favorite type of tempura dish: Crab Tempura!
* Brief description of why you love it!: It's so delicious! 4laugh Crab is my favorite type of seafood and it being in tempura is double the deliciousness! wink
* Username: Seraphkiyo
* Favorite Type of Tempura: Shrimp Tempura!
* Brief description of why i love it: It was my first tempura experiance, it tasted awesome, every time i hear it my mouth starts to water and i think of taking a few friends down to the sushi bar to have fun, eat food, and have a few drinks 3nodding blaugh rofl
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Fashionable Loverboy

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Username: christian24
* Favorite type of tempura dish: Human Tempura!
* Brief description of why you love it!: I'm a zombie.
* Username: Sato Nana
* Favorite type of tempura dish: Pumpkin Tempura
* Brief description of why you love it!: Pumpkin Tempura is sweet and has a crispy texture. The Pumpkin Tempura is also better with Tentsuyu (The sauce that you dip tempura with) because the sweetness of the pumpkin can be tasted and it's not as dry compared to eating it without Tentsuyu.
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Dangerous Voter

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pork tempura
I like pork tempura because its like having sweet and sour pork without the sauce so its healthier.
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Aged Exhibitionist

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  • Consumer 100
Thsi just ended, bad luck. Regardless my fav tempura is eggplant tempura and the reason behind it is because eggplant tempura is soft and crispy and the eggplant covered in tempura mix had a very interesting reaction to extra hot oil that makes it my fav flavor.
* Username: aaamanda panda
* Favorite type of tempura dish: Shrimp tempura!!! <3
* Brief description of why you love it: Because it crunchy on the outside and yummy shrimp inside, i especially love it with that sweet soya sauce for tempura, lol! smile <3
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Questionable Prophet

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I've never had tempura emo
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Quotable Junior

Because I am a cat, I enjoy seafood tempurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrra. cat_biggrin
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Fashionable Hunter

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tempura shrimp xd

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