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                * Username: la petite mignonne
                * Favorite type of tempura dish: Sweet potato tempura is my absolute favorite type of tempura. Followed by broccoli.
                * Brief description of why you love it: It's just so cruncy and delicious. Normally I don't like sweet potatoes, but there's something about the fried batter and the tempura sauce that just makes it taste so dang good. <3
*Username: Marisota

Favorite type of tempura dish: I don't know if I've ever had tem-pur-a cat_question But I have had deep fried foods (I live in america we deep fri every thing now hand me that football)and my fave is chicken. Yum. cat_4laugh

Why I love it: its warm and soft and tender and just rediculusly delishous I espesualy like it when it dosent have bones. and there are a lot of cool sauses
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Username: Consulting Time Lord

Favorite tempura: my favorite Tempura is tempura shrimp and tempura chicken. Also, tempura vegetables.

Reason why: because they are tasty and deep-fried and delicious and Japanese! I remember the first time I ate tempura... well, I think I do, anyway!
When I was a kid I was a picky eater like you have no idea. I never ate anything. Now I'm a foodie and love food so much... and thanks to my high metabolism I can eat all the tempura I want!

Now I'm hungry, thanks, Sisky...
username: XxLady SeishinxX
favorite tempura dish:ever tried FRIED ICE-CREAM at a mexican resturaunt<3
why love it: I love the cruchy warm batter,sometime slightly salted(like chips!), but when you bite into it you get the chillingly-sweet milky vanilla icecream, the mixture is even better than recess peanut-buttter cups <3<3 ^.^ NOMNOMNOM...
i sound so fat:3 gotta love great food tho right its got the equivilance to awesome music, both feed or muse the soul<3
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Username: Candy Flavored Succubus
Favorite tempura dish: ANY KIND... Tempura calamari, shrimp, vegetables, chicken
Why I love it: ....Why not? Its the most amazing thing I've ever put in my mouth. If you've had it you know exactly what I mean. In one day, I could easily gain over nine thousand pounds in tempura calories and I wouldn't care, mhm, you read right. I'm a fat chick for tempura.
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Username: melon_mochi_29
Favorite tempura dish: Shrimp tempura and vegetable tempura
Reason why: I like the shrimp's fried flavor when ya tempura it, especially when you compliment it with Dijon mustard sauce. I think the onion and potato tempura have the best flavor out of the vegetables, or maybe it's because I'm used to eating American onion blooms. xd
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* Username: Chrystal Liena
* Favorite type of tempura dish: Apple tempura
* Brief description of why you love it!:
I can't say no to sliced apples fried in tempura batter and topped with powder sugar, but since I'm usually the one making the tempura the rest of my family ends up eating most of it before I get a chance to crying
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* Username: VitaminDean
* Favorite type of tempura dish: Tempura Ice Cream (that's right!)
* Brief description of why you love it!: What's not to love. The fried goodness is tasty and then is cooled off by the ice cream treasure trove hidden inside it
Username: Aerosmith96
Favorite type of tempura dish: Shrimp tempura
Why I love it: I just really love shrimp in general... whee And it was one of the first tempura dishes I've ever tried, my close friend brought some to school for me to try! mrgreen
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▀ ▀ ▀ ▀ ▀ ▀ ▀ Why hello there! ★ ★

              * Miss Devichi
              * Favourite Tempura: Vegetable Tempura, the Yam or sweet potato ones.
              * Ugh why are you so picky Devi?! Lol! I just really like the yam or sweet potato ones! Every time my family orders Veggie Tempura I spot the ones that are orange in the middle then... TAKE 'EM ALL! ;D
              Like the other Tempuras, they have that nice crunchy-ish outside and it's sweet in the middle!
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user name: The Scottish Knight
Fav dish: Is shrimp Tamporura and also shrimp lo'mein with fried rice.
Reason; They are both very healthy and a great dish to eat while on the job doing what I do in R/L.
Have a good one Sisky. Love seeing your contest's and banners.
Hows the diet going poppet?
I hope that all is well.
Take good care. F/R me if you like maam.
God bless!,
Sir Aaron D. III
(you're friend from across the pond.)
Username: Valdesin
Favorite type of tempura dish: Shrimp Tempura heart
Brief description of why you love it!: I love it because it's delicious, its crunchy and just right with the sauce. Also it would because I've been eating sushi since i was a kid and I've gotten so used to eating it along with my sushi heart heart
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In a relationship with Zelf godslayer

Smitten Strawberry

Shrimp Tempura
I've always been a big fan of shrimp even before trying Japanese food. Once I got a taste of Shrimp Tempura, I was in Shrimp Heaven! biggrin
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username: chwissybbyrawr

tempura dish: my favorite is definitely tempura cheesecake!. they freeze cheesecake and fry the outer layer and cover it with a sweet strawberry sauce with one scoop of ice cream on the side. it is amazing!
heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart
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Username: Kagetsukiko
* Favorite type of tempura dish: Shrimp owo .
* Brief description of why you love it!
It's shrimp tempura! Who can NOT love it?! Okay, really, though. I... really don't know? It's weird, I can explain so much better why I like sweet potato tempura (it's sweet and crunchy), but I know I like shrimp tempura better xd sweatdrop . Shrimp tempura just... taste's better emotion_kirakira ?

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