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Gift of the gods. That one was pretty cool.
My favorite would have to be 04's Goti clips.

That was the year I had joined Gaia on my first account and I had actually acquired
a Goti after mailing in 5$. I managed to get both, but the Goti ended up being my
favorite and I had used it with just about every avi until I had given a friend my old
account and items. c:
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Mini Angel Wings. It wouldn't make sense with my current Avi, but they're still cool. ^.^
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My favorite would have to be Gift of the Gods. It was one of the first MCs I bought. :3
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x Excision x
I don't really have a favorite.

:O you beat me to that post! XD i was supposed to be where your are right now lol.
and really? no favourite? you're wearing red wing right now XD
Doesn't mean it's my favorite.
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My favorite September Monthly Collectible has to be September 2010. At first when Muramasa came out I didn't like it much actually, but eventually I started to like Muramasa, the color gradient (red-purple) looks really nice and it's a well-pixelated item. 3nodding
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The Mini set, of course. <3 They remain two of the most adorable items ever released.
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coco kitsune katana ninja ninja
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gaia_nitemareleft Maleficent Seven from 2011 totally! I love the look, the colors! It was one of the first items i quested for as well. I wanted to own it SOOO badly!_ gaia_nitemareright
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September 09's gothic butterfly is my favourite september one, its just so pretty and purple.
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My favorite September MC is the superior form. There are so many possibilities and I remember I was super excited when it came out, because it was the first time I was able to change my skin types. The metal one is so cool smile
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banis and wanklets.
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My favorite all time September monthly collectible is probably this month's. I love Night Weaver. I've always been in love with stars and the moon. I actually collect star items on Gaia. This collectible fits me perfectly. I love everything about it.
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Angelic Mini Wings but sadly it's gona cost a lot of GC for me to buy them.
I have to say either 2003 mini wings or 2004 golden laurels

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