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Definitely this months one - the beautiful hair from red ember, because I'm a sucker for awesome hair/wigs, especially if they're red! And the rest of that item doesn't disappoint either heart
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heart mini angel wings, because they are adorable and my favorite colors are white and blue. heart
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mine is the mini demon wings they are my favorite item in all of gaia but cant seem to get them
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They are all amazing and I love them all, but for my favorite one I pick mini wing heart
its awesome 4laugh
I like the angel bow smile

It made my earth angel theme complete 3nodding

Thank you gaia staff redface heart heart heart
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Gift of the Gods, beautiful, classic style, and so many uses.
2007ths Superior Form. It was the first MC I got for myself and it's still modern with the diffrent skin bases.
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Either Gift of the Gods, Mini Wings, or the one's from this month, and leaning more towards the Devil Mini Wings.
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the all time red mini devil wings becuse they look cool
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i like september 2010 (look im wearing them xp ), the light spirit and the muramasa. They make for a pretty awesome combination showing light and dark.
What’s your all time favorite September Monthly Collectible and why!

I know it's cliche but I favor the original September '03 MC letter. The mini wings are so cute and remind me of an old signature I use to use. This is why almost always use wings in my avatars.
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Out of all the September Monthly Collectibles, the Maleficent Seven (MS) from September 2011 stuck out to me the most. Although many of the other September MC’s were satisfying, they did not possess the same versatility that this one did. While the Mini Angel and Nitemare Wings sell well, and are undoubtedly a Gaia favorite, they don’t offer enough equip options for my tastes— that is, the item can only be worn one way…on the head. The same applies for Bani and Goti Clips. Additionally, both the September 2005 MCs offer only two choices; still not enough. MS, on the other hand, has several options to choose from—hair, shoes, shirt, pants, scarf—which basically covers every part of the avatar. With so many choices available, if I get tired of wearing one item included in the MC, I can always switch to another and build an entirely different avatar based on the change.

Now you make be thinking: ich-rawr, you do know there are other September MCs that offer a broad selection of items, right? Why not choose one of those to be your favorite? Or maybe you weren’t thinking that at all, but it’s true. For example, Gothic Butterfly and Gift of the Gods have many choices to choose from similar to MS. However, these MCs are lacking something that MS has, which is consistency. When I look through the items of MS, each one stands out individually. If I bought the collectible, I would probably wear every single piece rather than just wearing one before selling it. With Gothic Butterfly, the only items that stand out to me are the wings, the butterfly clip and the winged obi. The other two items are barely recognizable in comparison. For Gift of the Gods, it seems like most of the items should be worth way less than what they are, possibly as low as 5,000 gold because they are random and insignificant.

While I do wish that more colors were included in MS, it is still pretty spiffin’ awesome.

The end.
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Mini Angel wings heart

There so darn cute 3nodding
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Hm.... It's hard to say since most of them have been pretty great (although not all) but I suppose I'll have to say my favorite (at this moment and that comes to mind) is the Celestial Veil because, well.. I'm a fan of scarves and accessories and such. >.>;
Hi, I've enterred MANY contests before and never won, so I'm gonna enter this one and hope for the best! My favorite collectible is the mini angel wings because they are so cute!
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