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The mini angel wings. They are so pretty. heart
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My favorite monthly collectible item is Pandy Pack of the year 2005.
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My favorite MC would have to be August 2004's Golden Laurels. Why? Because they are so pretty I've always wanted one. heart
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My all time favorite September Monthly Collectible is September of 2003 because it had the Angelic and Nitemare mini's! whee heart
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heart Pandy Pack, because it's cute, and fluffy.
But it still isn't as cute and fluffy as Bear Pajamas... crying

We need more animal pajamas. gonk Please. 4laugh
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My favorite September MC is pandy pack heart
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Mini Angel wings, They are and will always be the ICON of gaiaonline. c:'
September 2005, Pandy pack is really cute!^^
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da mini wings c: they're worth a lot, they give you respect in the community, they're mini, and they look amazing ;o
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My favorite was SEPT 2010 because of the adorable art work and the item light Spirit was so sweet! Not only that but the Muramasa was a great item for Blood+ cosplays.
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September 2003's Angelic minis. cool I love angelic-themed avatars so it's perf.
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My favorite September MC is: Gift of the Gods - Sept 2007.
It's my favorite mainly because of the Anubis mask, it's pretty nice.
Also who doesn't like the Ancient Egyptians?
Although I would have liked a few more options for Gift of the Gods or expanded on the current gods selected.
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Okay I think I got it. There isn't much competition with me since I don't seem to fall in love with all of the collectables. For September specifically I think my favorite is probably the newest item that came out. Fading Ember, I haven't gotten it yet but I plan to.

Anyways it's my favorite because you can do a bunch of things with it. I adore items with a few uses because if I simply had a sword or a backpack I'd be selling it quickly once I got bored of it or if it didn't match my avi anymore. You can only do such much with an item with one single use but if there is several uses (that are pleasant to the eyes) then it's a win-win situation!

So yes, first reason: can use it in several different ways and mismatch it with other items.

Second reason: It's red. I like red so if my item is red I'll be more satisfied.
I guess it would look fine with black, orange or yellow items too which extend what items you could use with it and give you a few avi ideas.

Lastly it's interesting and the hair is pretty and wavy and I like it.x3 I can just see myself using it for a bit before moving on to the next best thing.
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