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Coco Kitty, because it was nice to have a black cat. I have a fondness for black cats. ^^

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Coco the Kitty because its sooo cute!! 3nodding
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Quotable Vampire

I like the classics and all.
But I've definitely been a fan of the Western Zodiac since I got it.
Because there are so many chooses that go well with other wardrobe items!
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Invisible Gekko

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Coco the kitty was my favorite as well, just so adorable XD
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Rainbow Hunter

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Coco the Kitty made my heart go Kyun!~ Kyun!~ So cute!!! emotion_kirakira
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The kiki and coco kitty.
I was lucky to be able to get the coco one with help from some friends.
I still lack the kiki one..and would I love to get one.
Coco Kitty because everyone loves kitties heart
I liked that one with the thing!
the coco kitty! 3nodding
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Cute Bibliophile

Captain's Cobalt because that jacket is pretty BA
Coco biggrin
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Im gonna hafta go wiiith...COCO the Kitty biggrin Its just soo awesome and cute c': emotion_awesome 4laugh
anklets, they go with anything
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Sparkling Shounen

Damn, that's hard to answer. We've had some really amazing MC's in the past. If I have to pick one though Silver Laurels. I mean the color, I like whites and silvers, it's also a delicate item and clearly greek/roman inspired which I love!

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