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I think It was May 2005 letters! ^^
Coco Kitty! heart So cute smile cute thing always makes me soft!
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Pride of Hera, because it's a really unique and pretty item. Peacock feathers are really elegant ' ^'
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I like pride of hera, it's so pretty! emotion_bigheart
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Coco Kitty was, like many others, my favorite past collectables. It was super cute and have multiple poses to work with. A great "accessory" for any outfit.~

Though Pride of Hera was wonderful as well, lot of color and very pretty. Ive owned it so many times always find new uses for it one I thought I was over it xD
CoCo mrgreen
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Coco the kitty of course. c:
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Coco Kitty
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My all time favorite May Monthly Collectible is Coco Kitty! I love cats a lot!
coco the kitty cuz i like toitles :B
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Demonic Anklets because i love the way they look
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Demonic Anklets.

Why? They're small, rather subtle and have many posses suited to different tastes.
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Bani the bunny is my favorite. It's just so adorable and hard to resist!
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What’s your all time favorite May Monthly Collectible and why!

Coco the Kitty because
it's a classic. Everyone
wants one and when
you say Gaia, that's
what comes to mind.
coco c: because its adorable and cute!

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