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Yokais treasure, the tail and kimono specifically. The kimono is very pretty and the tail is just a fun item to give your avi a little fantasy.
Demonic Ankletes because I bought the MC as a my first ever birthday gift to myself and they always make me happy when I equip them to my Gaian.
Bone Dragon Helm
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Demonic anklets 3nodding 3nodding and the Water Slash whee whee Cause its soooo Simple and Classy biggrin biggrin LOL!
OMG! All of May's Monthly Collectibles are great, but if I absolutely HAD to choose...my all time favorite May Monthly Collectible would definitely be Oculus Mythica. When this item first came out, I was so excited because I had never seen anything this cool on Gaia! I love the different varieties of eyes that are available and I wear them all the time! I think you guys do a great job in creating and coming up with really awesome items! Keep doing what your're doing :]
My favorite monthly collectible would be the Yokai's Treasure. It is just so cool. It makes avatars look like anime characters, which I enjoy because I love animes. It is so awesome. eek
My personal favorite Monthly Collectible would be Coco the Kitty. Coco is just so cute! Everyone likes it. I consider it one of the most adorable plushies of all time. It is also easy to blend it with the outfits of avatars, which is cool. I love Coco the Kitty!
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Defiantly coco who doesn't love cats!?
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My favourite May Monthly Collectible is..

May 2006: Angelbow

Not necessarily because of how it looks, but because it is very nostalgic. I joined Gaia (on my old account) back in 2005 and the Angelbow was one of my very first Monthly Collectibles. My friend had bought it for me as a gift; I remember drawing my avatar with it. To me, the Angelbow represents the friendships and creativity Gaiaonline has given me throughout the years.

Of course, I also like 2010's Bani the Bunny, because I love bunnies. But that isn't very heartwarming~


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If I had to choose among the Monthly Collectibles, I would choose.. the Oculus Mythica. It is one of the most awesome Monthly Collectibles ever created in Gaia Online. I just love it. It is unique in many ways, and it is easy to pair it in the outfit of avatars. I really like it!
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coco the kitty, because it had alot of stuff that i needed to make my outfit better
The coco kitty of course! It was one of the best items made because that's when everyone started to make outfits centered around that little cutie. And I got one as a gift at one point, it was awesome. :3
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I like the Demonic Anklets. They match my all-black outfit.
Umm... The monthly collectible I adore the most is Bani the Bunny! I really love bunnies! Bani is the cutest virtual bunny in Gaia. I just adore this item because it has many uses. It isn't just a plain bunny plushie, it can be used as clothes for my avatar too. It is just so adorable. I love it!

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