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March 2004's Fuzzy Penguin Slippers because they remind me of Badtz Maru.
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My favorite March Collectible was and still is Antique Pierrot. I love the soft palate of the creams and it works well with other items I have :3
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Chatty Kitten

love talking to people and playing games to earn money biggrin
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KiKi Plushie cat_whee
heart Kiki Kitty Plushie is my favorite MC item!
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Wonderland ~ I love the Cheshire Cat xD
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Fuzzy penguin slippers, because I've had such a fun time with them...

First pair I got was when they came out in 04, got hacked and they were taken from me, got a pair for Christmas present from a friend and an Admin took them too.

Past history shows I'm probably not meant to ever own a pair but I still think they're cute.
Kiki Kitty Plushie, of course!
Because I love cats, I want to hug every cat~!
But I cant hug every cat....
So why not settle for just hugging the most adorable cat, Kiki?!
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Personal favourite is from 2012: Antique Pierrot
I loved the item as soon as it came out mainly because I love the pierrot style

i havent been on gaia very long
but it seems as though the kiki plush has the potential to match any avatar
and of course its cute chibi like characteristics helps it's cause
so obviously its not only MY favorite for its subtle, charming look and design but many others as well

i understand if i am not picked, many gaians have more time and experiance earned on the site
and it probably wouldnt be right for a newbie like me to take that chance away from them

but if it ends up to where i am the winner

thank you admins ^ e ^"
My favorite March MC has to be the demonbow. I'm into dark demonic accessories and it could look like a pair of awesome wings when mounted in the back.
Kiki Kitty. I love that MC because I won a Kiki in a contest way back when, and it's one of the few contests I've ever won. Plus, that cat is damned cute. e.e
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Once upon a Midnight dream...User Image

and because it was one of the first gaian companion pets...as i recall <3 heart

Cookies,cakes, and coffe with creame! {heart}
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My favourite March MC would have to be the Kiki Kitty Plushie because Kiki is one of Gaia's most iconic items and is down right adorable to boot.
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KiKi Kitty Plushie is super adorable and I've been questing it for years.
I wish I'd win. .o.

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