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KiKi Kitty Plushie!

Because it's so cute and I was questing for it for ages =3
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KiKi Kitty plushie that i am still after..i mean its just so CUTE~! heart
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Mythic hair ftw biggrin
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For me it would have been the Spring Nymph. It had so much variety as to what you could use it for. It was a well made item, very versatile, and in my opinion one of the best collectibles you have made. smile
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The kiki plushie. It's a cute kitty cat. That's all that needs to be said. Cute! 4laugh
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Kiki plushie has always been a cool item, aside from the fact that wannabe internet gangsters think it makes them look badass.

I cannot fathom why this could be.
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My favorite March MC would be the mythic hair.
It's just so awesome and I have always loved hair items.
The KiKi Kitty Plushie is m favorite March MC because it's a cat. This does not require any further justification.
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The Winter Rose. Especially because of that amazing flower gown!
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I'm still in love with Kiki Kitty. Only because it was one of the first MCs that came out when I first joined Gaia. I also was never able to get it but I bought my own Kiki and Coco kitty plushie so I'm good. As long as I have it IRL. emotion_bigheart
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What’s your all time favorite March Monthly Collectible and why!

I actually really like the Fallen King. It's so fiery and awesome. heart It's one of the more recent fiery items that have been brought out, and one fiery pose is enough for me! heart I actually wanna get one for my boyfriend instead of being a hog and only having one for myself. xd
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My favorite MC is Friday XIII its new but im loving it
Baby Seal Slippers.

A) They look really good.
B) They look REALLY good.
C) They look good on almost any avatar with few exceptions.
D) They are under rated now. A few years ago, all the cool kids had them. They were happening.
KiKi Kitty Plushie is my favorite March MC because for one is
it utterly adorable, and two because of how old it is. Thanks for
allowing us to enter in the contest.

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