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kiki, because i <3 kitties.
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Spring Nymph heart
how could you not love this item~!
The kiki kitty plushie from the March MC becuse I'm kinda obsessed with cats -u-;
What is my favorite March MC?

well my favorite would have to be the BABY SEAL SLIPPERS!!

1) seals are sooo cute!! i even have a specific dress i would love to wear them with
2) bc there a collectible/highly cost item ... when people see them on me,there gunna wish they had them

i love you
hey i love Spring Nymph
I guess mine would be Fuzzy Penguin Slippers because they look like they could be comfy User Image
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I like Antique Pierrot because It says that Antique Pierrot is a circus performer right? I heart the circus and I collect antiques as well
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Fuzzy Penguin Slippers because i bet they are really comfy in real life User Image
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My favorite March MC is
Antique Pierrot
I love cute and cool costumes.
Antique Pierrot is one of my best favorite costumes
Very Remarkable and excellent
circus performer iscool rofl
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Nov 2003 OMG hat
because it's looks mischievous and sassy whee
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My favorite March MC is the Samurai Yoroi from March 2008. It required two to make a decent look, but it is one of the rare asian medieval items that's not from the regular shops. It can create a very awesome samurai outfit. The only March MC that comes close are the Penguin and Seal Slippers from 2004, however those are too cute. The Samurai Yoroi provides a great addition to any looking to make a solid samurai outfit.
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i would have to say the kiki plushie, reason being other that it still being as sweet as a button i turned out from being just a monthly collecter to one of the few icons for gaia! oh the bitter sweet tail of how that cat overcame poverty and riddicule, and now it is on one of the highest throwns on the iternet!!! hehe
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i like the onthly colletible with pwee on it cause its so cute and mostly i want dragos xd
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My favourite March collectible would have to be Kiki for a number of reasons.
1. She's a cat.
2. She's cute
3. She reminds of my cat irl
And those were three reasons because March is the third month!

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