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Sugary Bear

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Kiki, always and forever emotion_awesome
it's cute and was my first DI. :'D
so it's got a lot of warm fuzzy memories attached to it. emotion_kirakira
and it itself is a cute and fuzzy cat
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Invisible Phantom

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    My favorite March collectible is 2004's Baby Seal Slippers. I've always wanted that item ever since I saw that on Gaia, but I never did manage to obtain one because it costs way beyond my reach. I've always loved slippers like these even in real life. And the baby seals are just so adorable! ^^
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Magical Girl

Mine is the kiki plushie, first animal companion ever and adorable to boot. Plus you can dangle it by the tail and itll still be smiling. A real cat would be trying to gouge out your eyes!
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Lonely Loiterer

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My all-time favorite is Kiki Kitty of course. It's always been my favorite little cat plushie.
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J-LynnO's Wife

Moonlight Lover

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It would probably be the Spring Nymph 3nodding
It was one of the first few items I wanted when I first joined and I love it to death.
I've gotta go with the current MC, Antique Pierrot. It's so pretty and classy! The hair goes with so many different things, and everything has that nice creamy color to it. yum_puddi
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Bashful Loverboy

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i like the coco kitty whee
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Kawaii Shoujo

I think my favorite is the Spring Nymph. It's just such a pretty item.
Fuzzy Penguin slippers (March '04)

They are just so darned cute!
do i really have to mention old mcs or is posting enough to get entered?
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i adore the mini angel wings MC because its the cutest most adorable item i have ever seen. Its so sweet and angelic like and it pretty much looks good with any other item your avi is wearing. Its angelic little small wings make the avi look so sweet and innocent. It also brings back memories of when Gaia first started. Since i joined gaia when i spotted those mini angel wings on a cute avatar's head. <3
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Quotable Prophet

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Haha. Well, i don't have a favorite MC actually. Yup, but that's because i've yet to get one. Maybe this is a chance? razz
Seal Slippers ._. no one can resist stepping on baby seals its just too much cuteness eek
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Dapper Noob

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Wonderland because I love the Cheshire Cat <333
I like antique pierrot because of the hair i think it's cute and can match any outfit and represents the month i joined which is march biggrin

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