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Duh! Angelic Halo from '03. Who doesn't like that one?

Sadly this pixel perfection will never be mine. emo
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Gosh, my favorite June MC... Such a hard choice! So many good ones!

I must say the Horns of the Demon.
Mainly because it's a great classic representation of horns in themselves. Yes, you've got the lovely fancy ones now, but nothing seems to beat the originals for me!
Also because my current boyfriend, best friend he was at the time, helped me so much when I was questing for my set. emotion_kirakira
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My favorite June MC is the Mythrill Halo because it's the perfect finishing touch to angelic themed avatars.
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Greedy Smoker

Red Wing for sure.
So many cool things that came with it~
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Friendly Grabber

I really love Angelic Lace just because I personally like lingerie items and that one has to be one of the nicest ones.
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Fashionable Werewolf

my FAVORITE one of them all is prima poppet
its cute
its my other favorite color
its adorable
everything is cute about it
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The Western Zodiac from june 2007, my first MC, I had to have it, just so I could wear my horoscope sign as an item.
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mines is the cloud by far because of the cloud and the slips!
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I like June 2007 Cloud Monthly Collectible best because it was the first monthly collectible I got on my own and it goes great with tons of avi styles. :3
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Horns of the demon. Classic : )
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My favorite is Western Zodiac. That was a fun one.
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My favorite will be the one you give me. They are all great, so it is hard to pick just one. But I knoww I will love whatever one you give me!
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I love both of the collectibles from june 2011. They both had pleasant adornments and could be used to create really awesome avi's
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                My favorite June MC is the Angelic Pendant because I love the angelic series and it looks awesome with an Angelic Scarf c:
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Savage Warlord

Poop heart

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