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Juno's Lace. It's so lacy and racy and pretty emotion_dowant
I liked Prima Poppet the most. Because,
1: its cute
2: its pink
3: The legs are ADORABLE
4: The hair looks cute with a lot of outfits as well.
I could go on forever but I'll stop here c:
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RED WING! heart
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My absolute favorite would have to be the Bone Dragon Helm. Because it simply makes you look super freaking awesome, especially when you're wearing it as Bone Dragon Helm (Raised).
l o g i c
Angelic Halo because it is simply simple.
Pshh wrong because it was teh first monthly collectible pshhh +*.+.+-
i like em all <3
but my favorite one is coco the cat plushie :3
because is really cute, fluffy, brown fur, and the opposite of kiki
they could be relative 0_0
haha youll never know..
My favorite June MC has to be the Angelic Lace. It's just so cute and lacy.
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I like the Prima Poppet the hair looks so beautiful and I can create so cute and colored avis with it.
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it will always be the Angelic Sash

Its just the perfect item <3
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My all time favorite June MC is June 2009 Angelic Lace. I joined gaia in 2009 and that was my first collectible. Still own it btw. Will always be a special memory for me. I will never sell it.
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Horns of the Demon. ^w^ Well, it had something to do with style, really. It goes on with everything, and its completely cool. heart
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My favorite is the Prima Poppet. heart
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I like all of them ^^ they're all different but cool.
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My absolute favorite June MC, is this year's Prima Poppet. I mean the hair, the beautiful arm pose and the ribbons! whee
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Western Zodiac because of the Gemini mask, and Angelic Lace because it is sexy. ;D

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