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i don't know why we should be saying what we want its not gonna happen
only one is gonna win but maybe i could win so for me i want any.

Cuz i cant afford something with that price no one can...
Angelic Halo~!! ^.^ Cuz its pretty pretty pretty pretty pretty pretty~!!! <3
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To be honest, I don't have a favorite June monthly colectable, because all of them are soooo amazing! I have to say that is a terribly hard decision to make. so i guess i really don't have a favorite monthly colectable in June.

have a good day and thank-you for you're time to read my letter/response. xd
horns of the demon b/c it's not a large pair of horns that look obnoxious on ppl's heads.
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horns of the demon because of how devilish it is ^u^
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I can't decide. I love them all.
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Angelic Lace; so much white frou frou, teasing glimpses, and brazen bared skin! Now that's something that belongs in a lady's boudoir.
My favorite June mothly collectible to date is Horns of the Demon. It's classic, and also marks a year of Gaia Mothly Collectibles since the first came out on June 2003. The latest one, Prima Poppet, was rather cute and tempting as my choice what with that gorgeous hair, but the horns... Simple but solid and unmistakable. Plus owning one would really show off the devilish side.
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I absolutely adore the Draconis Adamantine because it looks so cool and white's also my favourite colour. It's absolutely A-MA-ZING! I heart the way it just flows as well.
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My personal favorite MC was Dark Halo from 2006. I though I would always look awesome in that, sadly I wasnt able to own it...sigh...
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Horns of the Demon i love it but i know i will never get it sadley T.T
i might be a tad late or early?
but i like the horns of the demon
they go perfectly well with everything!

good luck to those who win smile
The GBlade was my favorite because I loved playing Kingdom Hearts!
I pick Cloud because anyone can wear it and look good, I myself really like it. This is the first time Ive even looked at all the MCs, i didn't even know what they where before today! I really like the Western Zodiac one also, I am a Taurus, but I don't really like wearing horns so I didn't like it nearly as much as the cloud. I like to stare at the sky when I can, its such a beautiful sight, especially during sunsets. I think people really should look up more often, I know that a lot of people like to look at whats right in-front of them or watch where they are walking but I prefer to look up at the beautiful clouds.

~ heart Kimmberly Love Ann heart ~ User Image

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