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My favorite June MC is the Western Zodiac, because it has the signs' own item.
to be honest all MCs are awesome. I could never pick just one ! All are simply amazing <3
Cloud heart
I've always wanted one.
Can never focus on getting it though sad
It's just so puffy and cloud-like!
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Horns of the Demon is my favorite because they look realistic in a way and are pretty awesome on any avatar.
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My Favorite June MC would have to be the Dark Halo. It was the June 2006 MC. I chose that June MC, because it is such a cool piece to use on the avatars. I like the Halo, the darkhold and the Dark Tail, because they just look so neat on the avatars.

~Thank You For Your Time~

What’s your all time favorite June Monthly Collectible?

One simple question, but yet that is a very hard one to answer. So many wonderful and lovely items to choose from, but to be able to pick only one. I would have to say that Gaia's first collectible would have to be my favorite,

The Angelic Halo
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Bringing forth the yin and yang into Gaia, to always have a balance. Starting with the light to bring about the darkness from its shadows. This one item is what started the list of creating the other halos and bringing about the darkness/evil items to match those of light. This is why it would be my favorite June Monthly Collectible.

And thank you for bringing us this collectible along with all the others. I can wait to see what is in store for us next. ^_^
I liek em all Me gusta
June 2004, it's one of the first envelopes I remember getting. Man I've been on here a long time... plus the devil horns are cute smile
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Devil/demons horns are my fav., very cute. June 2004
I like all of June MC items!!!
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My favorite JUNE MC would have to be this year's. I love the Prima Poppet simply because I love the dress, ballet shows and the Hair!!!

The hair reminds of Sailor Moon a bit as well.

It's cute, girly and fun smile heart
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angelic lace, cuz it screams sexy but it isn't slutty. I like that.
What’s your all time favorite June Monthly Collectible and why?
Radiant Prism
I like the radiant prism because it fits in with my style and completes 'my look' so i enjoy getting the chance to even be able to own it. biggrin
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Horns of the Demon for the ultimate win. Before this mc there was really no way to be supremely devilish and show that side of yourself.... ÆD
horns of the demon 3nodding

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