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- It was the fourth year one I loved it so much bu sadly i cannot get it XD
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Horns of the Demon would have to be my all time fav June MC. You can never go wrong with some horns! m/ Mind you back then they didn't have so high a price tag I think I actually got mine from purchasing a donation letter 3nodding Wasn't it one of the first items to have multiple poses? That and the Angelic pendant.
prima poppet
it's so cute~
The Angelic Halo would have to be my favorite June MC because of how rare it is. Not only is it rare but it is extremely valuable. It also goes good with many avatars and is a very good looking item. It is not only rare, expensive, and good looking, but it is a part of Gaia history as the first monthly collectible to come out.
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My favorite June MC was the Cloud from 2007. I liked it because you guys were giving away 3 in one at one point and it was always a treat. I miss that.
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Angel Cooties
Property of Angel Cooties...
User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser Image

User Image gaia_angelleft 2003 Angelic Halo! Blessed Be & Bumpeh~!User Image ☁Å∩φε⌠™☁ gaia_angelright User Image

User ImageUser ImageUser Image

Stealing violates the T.O.S.!

How much would it post for you to make me one of those?
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horns of the demon because its cool
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I love all of them but if i had to pic one it would be the prima poppet.Its so pretty and i really like them and im saving up to get one again ^.^ i hope to have all of the items from it to maky my complete avi agian
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G Blade! I love it, it reminds me of my favorite game!
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Horns of the demon for sure because it was the first actual expensive item I've ever owned, plus it was donated/gifted to me by a very close friend at the time who is now very close to me again now that he's returned to gaia and magically recognized my new username simply because there was an x in the middle.

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My favorite has to be June 2007's Western Zodiac; I really like astrological imagery.
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Despite being overrated, Angelic Halo is my favorite. Simplicity is best, and arguably being the only true donation item, it has a nice back story that comes with it for those who own one.
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Coco the Cat plushie because its the opposite of the kiki and its a way to show the power of the cats!
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I love angelic lace. It's so elegant and I love the heels.
Plus it was the first MC I ever got.

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