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What’s your all time favorite January Monthly Collectible and why!

- i LOVE the chain wallet!!!!
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Anxious Student

Katana - Who doesn't want to be a ninja? ninja
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Bashful Bunny

the Nogitsune, I love that this thing to death! *w *
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Dapper Phantom

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I adore masterpieces.
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I love the Ascended Demon.
It's so versatile and to me, it's reminiscent of the '03 Devil Tail.
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Generous Lunatic

My all-time favorite January MC was created in 2008. That's right guys and girls, Masterpieces. As a lover of art and it's classics, this MC has grown it's way into my small heart. emotion_bigheart
Masterpieces, through and through. I've still got the first one when I originally bought it.
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The new one, Silver Sprite, actually looks really nice. All shiny and flow-y and everything. Plus, silver`s an easy colour to pair with! ;D
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Dulcet Bunny

October 2005 Coco Kitty Plushie.

I'm a sucker for the black cat, I tend to quest for them once in a while. I have quested 5 so far but alas don't have it anymore.
I like Nogitsune, because I love Inari's Beads, and it fits the item really well.
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My favorite is Nogitsune. I like it just because I like it.
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Sweet Demigod

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Nogitsune. I loved the robes and kimono
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Dapper Fatcat

BANI CLIPS! Because they're the cutest accessory/creature Gaia has created.
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Shameless Grabber

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Masterpeices - makes me moist

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