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The Dark Halo was always my fave.
My favorite is the Yuki Otoko.
I absolutely adore the hair. 3nodding
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I really like the Masterpieces. I loved the white skin and the mantle as well as the venus shell. All round a lovely item.
I like the current sprite o.o; but then I'm brand new o this is the first January MC I've ever actually seen
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My all time favorite January MC would have to be Masterpieces from January 2008. I use the white skin (David w/out hair) for just about all my avatars. c:
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I always liked the look of demonic pendant. Its just always fit my avatars. well atleast in tektek. Lol. So id have to say that that would be my favorite.
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My favorite January monthly collectible would have to be Layla (2010) because its such a beautiful item and pink and white go so well together. heart
This years January MC, Silver Sprite without doubt! I love it so much! emotion_kirakira
High quality, white, silvery, sparkling... Can't get any better.
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My Favorite Collectible has to be this years. The Yuki Hair ish so saxy. :3
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To be honest, this January's monthly collectible is my favorite: Yuki Otoko
Because it comes in awesome forms - the skin, mraaah.
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My favorite January collectible item is the Assasin's Guise, it is juat a bad a** item and its really cool
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I loved all the different things you could do with it, especially the hair and skin!
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I loooooooooooooove Silver Sprite!

It has an "i am" pose and it is some of my favorite colors, silver and white > u < heart
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I'm stuck between Masterpieces from 2008 (I loooove the white skin and the starry night scarf, favorite painting, I even have one in my room above me bed) and Ascended Demon from 2011 because I love the tail and top.
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Sword of Aegis - Because it was the first MC i ever bough with real cash, and i loved that little thing. *sniffle*

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