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oooh. tie between gift of the goddess and assassin's guise.
I'll go with the assassiiiiinnnn. emotion_dowant there's no weird origin stories with an assassin.
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I looooovvveeed gift of the goddess. Still do.
January 2005 Monthly collectible.
Because the Demonic Pendant, and Angelic bracelets are one of Gaia's classic and original monthly collectibles. And The Demonic Pendant is one of my favorites. It can accent any gaians outfit. emotion_bigheart
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January 2010.
It was such a lovely item. I loved the dress. <3
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january 2008: Assassin's Guise

love the assassin's protection, look badass,dark but not that much, like the shape it has. emotion_zombie
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My favorite January collectible would have to be the January 2012: Yuki Otoko & Silver Sprite one because of the attention to detail in both the drawing associated with the items and the items themselves. It has a soft, delicate yet harsh touch that captures the eye and the hues of whites, silvers, blues, greys and blacks just make my heart pump and draws my way and instantly makes me wish I could have and make something like that in real life!
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siku white wolf. is my favorite. tho im not sure if it came out in january. O.o
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January of 05; Demonic Pendant.

Reason; Well, my very good friend i've known online for 13+ years
gave it to me. And since it was from a good friend it has to be my favorite
january MC smile
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actually, I really love silver sprite
It's so cute heart
I love iam poses
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Nogitsune, cuz it was my best friend's favorite, before he passed away.
My favorite January MC would have to be this month's! I love the Yuki Otoko, especially because of the hair. I rock it Like.A.BOSS.
emotion_awesome emotion_bigheart
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I think my all time fav Jan collectible has to be the Gift of the Goddess. I use that one quite a lot.
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Scarlet Sprite...because it was one of the very first items(Monthly Collectible) I've ever gotten but sadly I had to sell it but I never forgot about it. I met my first love with that item... emotion_bigheart
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i likes the chain wallet

it's cool and has chains on it

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