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My favorite January MC is Scarlet Sprite because it is very elegant and I love the colors and the sparkling.
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My favorite January monthly collectible is the assassins guise. cat_rofl emotion_awesome emotion_bigheart I like it the most because it is awesome! gaia_angelleft emotion_awesome gaia_angelright gaia_kittenstar emotion_dealwithit ninja cat_ninja
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Majnun, sexy and artistic. I'd like to wear that thing if it was real in my country, lol
I've NEVER had an MC before so I'll go by the first one I read about:

(Yeah I know. I'm SUCH a Noobie. xD)

(Hope this is a lucky entry! ~crosses fingers~)
i really dont have a favorite, but i guess theyre probably all pretty cool... never bought one though cuz im too piss poor on this gd site... woe is meee crying
January 2005: Demonic Pendant.

I love this MC because it has simple poses and simple colors. It was part of the earlier beginnings of the long-running demonic & angelic series of opposites.
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My favorite was from 2008. The Assassins guise because i love the cloak and then i could be in the shadows. ninja
Definitely Ascended Demon.
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I'd have to agree with ascended demon too whee For to every one of us, there is a demonic side
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I have to say I like gift of the goddess best! 8D It's very pretty and has a bunch of interesting item poses.
Herp Derp Yerp Dero
i would like to be in this contest it looks aw`esome
wink 4laugh 4laugh 4laugh 4laugh 4laugh 4laugh 4laugh 4laugh 4laugh 4laugh 4laugh 4laugh 4laugh 4laugh
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acended demon!!! sipmly becuase i never that demons could be turned "good" until someone turned me 3nodding
none why because i cant afford them sad
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i didnt have any favorite i just got what i got so it didnt matter to me

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