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My favorite January MC is the Demonic Pendant, I actually didn't know it was a monthly collectible until today whee It didn't win me over based on it's looks, it's my favorite because the Demonic Pendant is the first MC I remember seeing (now that I know it is one). And it is even more special because one of my friends gave it to me as a Christmas gift in 2005, I wish I knew what I did with it.
Silver sprite because its the 1st mc i gotten since joining gaia for a very long time.
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Emo Bag from Thank You Letter for Jan 2004, because it's just like a messenger bag I use for my art supplies in real life.
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Silver Sprite!!! because it the the most elegant of them all~~ <3
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I like Layla from the 2010 monthly collectible because it has full set from background decoration to dress and even a bird. =)) unlike other and I tried once to wear it on my avi it went perfectly fine and pleasant to look at. heart
Besides I bought in a quite low price in marketplace which is the 1st time i decided to buy a monthly collectible
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There are three I really like:
from 2007 Gift of the Goddess (I always wanted to have this item and I didn´t got it till now... sad )
from 2009 Scarlet Sprite (when it fits to my outfit it will be equipped and yes, I check with every outfit 4laugh )
from 2012 Silver Sprite (this would fit wonderfully to my Scarlet Sprite and my Pixie heart )
yum_puddi the won the supported japan!!!
My favorite January MC is
Gift of the Goddess
January 2007

Mostly it was because it was one of the items
that had an Egyptian themed item when
I frist joined Gaia online.
It was one of my first goals,
so it has a special place
in my emotion_bigheart .
ooh, I think 2008 for sure. It has such a cute theme with the masterpieces and assassins guise. I loved both of them. I love art so of course I love all of the accessories that come along with it. Your avatar can be it's very own masterpiece, it's perfect! I especially love the Le Cercle De Nouveau D'Art. It's so gorgeous. 3nodding Don't forget the guise rofl it's so beautiful. It reminds me of assassins creed, especially the hooded option. All I can think of is blending in to the croud during the game, haha. it's so perfect especially with the shadowed face. The nose is artillery is amazing. I wish I could equip all of them at once and walk around like some amazing gunner assassin. emo Oh well it's so great. I think they also go well together, you could be targeting some audience who loves both, like me heheh, But you're also targeting two completely different audiences. People who are into things associated with assassins and guns, and people who admire artwork. Because the pieces are so versatile people who don't even have much of an interest in either might be able to use them. They are quite different but they go very well together as an unstoppable duo!
I also imagined dressing up as the assassin and possibly robbing the famous artworks from their homes in museums, Haha even though assassins..assassinate. Oh well they're quite great. rofl
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My favorite is 2008's January Monthly Collectible Masterpieces. Ever since it came out I base all my avis around i love it. It's the first thing i put on my avi when dressing it up. <3 <3 <3
my favorite in january collectible is;.....♫ANGELIC PARASOL,because can you buy this in lower prize & you can open & close.And one thing that comes to me when i see that is my imbrella its look like my umbrella thankss...
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I like the yuki otoko...mainly because of the awesome hair. But other than that it was good that there was a cool robe option, and that it's dark colors - which I enjoy a lot.
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That glossy-eyed pose was just so captivating back in the day...
Hm. Still has that sheen now.
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Out of all the january MCs (excluding the new ones) I like Nogitsune the best. It has an absolutely epic mask and some other sweet stuff. Too bad I can't use the tails part of it, even if I cover my centaur form.
heart This years. Its amazing. Love both of them. Specially the sprite > w <

I really want one~!

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