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My favorite January MC is the Demonic Pendant because it was one of the first items I ever wanted on this site.
My favorite January Monthly Collectible would have to be the January Monthly Collectible of 2011.
It was the Ascended Demon because whenever you see the demonic things they are always black, but this one was white.
It made it unique and special to me. I bought a lot of them on my old account, but I lost them. They completed my angelic demonic avatars. I really did enjoy this item.
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Favorite collectable... is from 2011. Nogitsune is still my favorite item, but I had to sell it to make new avatars.

Same here. Gotta love those foxes. biggrin
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That's a tear between the Scarlet Sprite and the Silver Sprite for me. I always love the fairies (including the Frigid Sprite) because I grew up absolutely addicted to the Zelda games. :3 If I had to pick which one I loved more, though, probably the Scarlet Sprite; it's just fantastic.
Keep up the awesome work at making items, guys! <3
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January 2004. Chain Wallet.

It was my all time favourite when it was released shortly after I joined Gaia in '03. Rave of the time. I was proud to own it for a good year and ended up selling it due to an upcoming hiatus and possible quitting. Regretted when I returned to see it inflate and as it continues to do so now. :p

I wear only chain wallets in real life and I adored the item on my avi. Haha.

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I'd have to say Masterpieces, since it's really useful when creating a dreamy/elegant/cold avatar, which I usually go crazy over whee
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2011 Yuki Otoko the skin is awesome wish there was a red one
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Chain wallet.
Because it goes well with my avi.
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Demonic Pendant - it's simple, but at the same time an older MC and of high value (much higher than some of the MCs I've been noticing around recently!)
Order of Atlantis - January 09
Self Love
Red Wing from June 2011, mainly because of the SWORD biggrin
The collectible is supposed to be from January!lol smile

                    Hummm, that's a tough one! I'd have to say its a tie between the Chain Wallet, and Ascended Demon~
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I love both from January 2010, partly because Majnun's and Layla's stories fit together, but mostly because I love draping and cultural items with interesting colors. However I prefer Majunun out of the two. Loving the hat.
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For me, it would have to be the OMFG. It wasn't the first MC I owned, but it was the first gift I was ever given on Gaia. I wore it for months afterwards and still own it to this day.
The chain wallet obviously! It was such a cool item that went with practically every outfit and it's still used today by many people!
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The Sword of Aegis is my favorite past January monthly item. It was one of the first swords on the site and one of my first quest items so that I could complete an early dream avatar.

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