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Masterpieces, all because of Starry Night heart . You have to realize as an artist who loves Van Gogh, I was EXSTATIC when that came out. I actually did a happy dance in my living room biggrin
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Gift of the Goddess from 2007. As an aspiring Archeologist . . . I love it! <33
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Chain wallet.
I enjoyed wearing the different skin and that red cloak like item.
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January Birthstone Crown.
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My favorite is the '07 Gift of the Goddess.

It is beautiful and that was the year I joined Gaia ^.^
Favorite January Collectible... Hmm I'd have to give it to ASCEND DEMON. The tail is my favorite and looks great with any outfit in white biggrin
I don't really know many of the ones from January but I really like this years Silver Sprite! It's really pretty and sparkly~ And I really like the 'I AM' option! It's adorable biggrin
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January 2007: Gift of the Goddess

Though it isn't a great representation, it holds potential to become the likeness of Shiva, who is an amazing God, in my opinion... at least in look and in the meaning that I've come to understand Him. Not to mention all godly representations have much beauty :3 and that as a great item to start with biggrin
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chain wallet
because it's simple and cool
January 2011, Ascended Demon
I think it's a really nicely made set of items plus the I like the description of a demon "turned good." Also, the belt top is slightly Gaga-esque to me.
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Assassin's Guise! Because who doesn't want to be stealthy and bad a**?
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January 2011 with the Nogitsune although I do really like the new ones
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I like the Order of Atlantis because it has a regal look that just clicks for my avi and me
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