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I like Shadow Spirit because it reminds me of the darknessin my room. yum_puddi
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My favorite was Lunar sash cat_3nodding I love the pendant it has as well and the crescent on the forehead (which i wish went over the hair)
Mine would be Chain Wallet, its a small simple item but yet it adds a kind of attitude to your avatar it really pulls together the theme and look of any avatar
i cant choose i have way too many
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Mine is the chain wallet from January 2004. I quested it for the longest time, and liked the way it looked on my old account's avatar. It fit my personality back then, seeing as I had one in real life. And I'm nostalgic about the old Gaia. Before the hipsters and scene kids invaded.
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Bani the Bunny. Since it's so adorable and it goes with a lot of stuff i use 8D i love everything in it. It's really useful for cute avis and white avis x3 It's the cutest bunny on gaia. ALSO ITS CHEAP!! xD
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I like Demonic Pendant & Angelic Bracelet from Jan 2005

Demonic pendant is awesome because it glows!

And it is demonic..like my personality... twisted
Easy, It's January 2004 emo bag because although it isn't my favorite item on gaia it was when you still released items that were culturally relevant and you could get a good laugh at the relevance.
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Chain Wallet

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the Yuku Otoko by far! it is a great hair item!
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My favorite January MC is the one in 2008
I just love masterpieces because its like white dye body but the eyes.
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I love the Chain Wallet, i love how it gives your avi that punk look cool
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I really love the Damascus Armor from January 2007! I first saw it on someone and instantly loved it! I even went as "The Damascus Rider" for a year. I love it's poses and how well the item fits together! I don't think any collectible is as awesome, although they are all amazing. But, Damascus Armor is my all time favorite collectible and January collectible! I was first given it on my birthday by a friend, and my birthday is January 30th so it worked perfectly! It just has such a great look when all together! I especially love the chosen ways that the armor is separated, like the arms and belt and chest plate. It allows a lot of customization with different avatars! Thanks for reading!
My favorite would have to be, Silver Sprite. I like the things that come with it.!
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