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Mine would have to be jan 2012 I love the Silver Sprite, with the cape and the glimmering tabard it is absolutly beautiful heart
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I personally really like the Ascended demon which came out January 2011. I like it because it adds a slightly demonic flare to a white avatar, showing that looks can be deceiving.
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I dont really know because I never really got a single monthly collectible. I just didnt have enough gold and yea I never even got one before :/ But it would be great to get receive since my birthday is on January ^-^ but at the same time im not actually responding to your question because i never bought one so... yea I hope im lucky on this one :3
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Gift of Goddess<-- ^^ fav because it is so cute and I love items that has many awesome purposes ^^ thank you gaia-sama heart
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My favorite January MC is "Chain Wallet" since I like the concept of a chain wallet overall, wishing I had on in real life. But Gaia is just as good so why not make my avi have one and look fantastic, a nifty little accessory that gives an extra edge to any look?
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Despite having only one pose and being pretty much forgotten I still like the Chain Wallet since it was the first MC (formerly donation item) I ever owned, in fact its the first January MC in Gaia history.
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January 2011 Monthly Collectable
I liked the Ascended demon because of all the wonderful outfits that went with it.
It even helped me out with an idea while I was drawing, especially the whip emotion_yatta
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Assassin's Guise- not only do I still wear it from time to time, but by giving me the same kind of gun formerly wielded only by Zhivago and Edmund, I felt directly connected to the plot- a connection lacking in many other MCs.
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yes! masterpieces, I'm questing for it.. so naturally it already means that i like it. its cool how art is incorporated in this item. its different from the usual items and thats why i love it..
Masterpieces from Jan 08, which I'm using right now!
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My favorite collectible is January 2007s 'Gift of the Goddess'.

It taught me about all the different goddesses from around the world: From Greece, Athena, goddess of wisdom and courage. Japan's Kaguya-hime, the goddess of the moon. The feminine goddess in Hinduism, Durga. Lastly the Egyptian Goddess of mothering and nature, Isis.

These goddesses sparked interest in me and I looked up information on them. I leaned more about them in high school as well!

Learning about them made more cultural and curious about how other countries do things, whether it's religious, celebrations, Gods and/or Goddesses. I still own the item and I'm glad I do!
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My favourite January Monthly Collectible would be the Gift of the Goddess - I love those sleves and the shoes ♥
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I really like the Ascended Demon, it is the perfect item to finish off an already nice avi.
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2009's Order of Atlantis is really cool-looking. I only have ever gotten one MC (last December's), but if I had gotten others, the Order of Atlantis would be on that list of ones I wanted. I'm a huge sucker for armor and capes, for one. I'm also a sucker for adventure and the picture especially captured this heroic adventure.

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