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My February MC of all time had to be Juno's lace due to the great combination. The beauty and elegance is a agreement on this item. This MC is one of the most creative yet magnificent creation of MC's.
Celebrity Date
Because it was the first "person" item
And I remember the hype about it as if it where yesterday. x)
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My favorite February Monthly collectible, is probably the Chyaku Norisu...
I quested it once before and I think I'm going to quest it again :3
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feb 2009 Grizzly coat, no doubt the best item the claws are cute and the coat looks amazing and the backpack is so cool this was an easy pic for me! lol
The Lunar Cloak. Because I love the moon and everything that has to do with it. And it's a beautiful piece.
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My favourite Febuary MC is The Chyaku Norisu Scarf 2006 collectible item seems to be the best for me ever since i Started .. Lol... "quited soo much times" but 2006 was my orginal time i started playing gaia so.. ever since i would say thats my favorite biggrin

im still such a newb D: ><"
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i have to say the most recent one, Juno's Lace is my favorite February monthly collectible. i love elegant items. and lace sure is elegant and very pretty. ^^
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My favourite february collectible item is the Celestial wrap from 2007 mrgreen

I'm very intrested in astronomy and also studying astrophysics. The spiral galaxy reminds me for the galaxy M51 which I am currently trying to photograph. This spring I will be stationed at the Roque de los Muchachos Observatory on Tenerife island. Well anyhow, space is inspiring and this item is a proof of its beauty 4laugh
I like the Zony MP3 player biggrin
Well i absolutelty love music heart heart heart
Also...i find it amusing....(zony or sony)
I also love the company sony cuz of PS3
^favorite game on PS3-LittleBig Planet biggrin
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because Batman is kewl!!!!
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Four Horsemen, which I'm actually saving up for right now. It was one of the first items I kept equipped on my constantly (Like Kaya), and I love the entire thing...Though I do favor War and Death. <3 And the scythe is the best one ever.
Of all time.
LUNAR CLOAK :: It's daring and mystic in one. Adds the perfect touch to a an amazing avatar.

It is said that, when night falls, it is the moon goddess Lunaris
spreading her cloak over the sky to regain her kingdom from the sun god Apollus.
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I defiantly like the very first collectable that ever came out, it contained Angelic Halo I believe. It was the very beginning of the monthly collectables and it was a hit. Gotta respect the classics.
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the four horsemen. im really into mythology and the apacolypse is the most fun part of it. the four horsemen allows you to become the bringer of apacolypse

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