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my favorite is the chyaku norisu scarf becasue its red my fav color! im wearing it and looks awesome!

edit: first on pg 5~!
I would pick the Celestial Wrap.
Im a Gaian who has never had a collectable 'cause i probably can't afford a gaiacash card
My favorite is this years own Juno's Lace. It's sexy and sultry while maintaning elegance and beauty.
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The Chyaku Norisu Scarf is my favorite. I love the color, and how it flows.
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this years feb mc juno's lace has to be my favorite i love the beautiful dress and head peace and the white peacock looks so delicate and graceful it just looks amazing
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I'm actually torn between the AFK scarf and the Grizzly Hoodie. Both items are very versatile but I'd say that Grizzly Hoodie gives off any elegant outfit a touch of rebelliousness.
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Chyaku Norisu Scarf because you could do so much with it.
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The grim reaper... Ummm... Why? I don't reallly know... Just think it's coool...
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My love goes to Feb 2011 MC the AFK scarf if so cute <3
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Chyaku Norisu Scarf was my favorite one, because it looks awesome surprised
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I liked the Yokai's treasure one, it had like clothing but also tails etc..and I like traditional clothings and things like that..and the asian folklore, Yokai meaning either monster or demon as far as I remember
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The Feb MC for this year (2012). The Juno's Lace looks amazing. In my opinion, it's very well designed and worth every penny if purchased. biggrin
Rosamund's Revenge.
Love those leeeegs
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Chyaku Norisu Scarf because it's fun to run around rally/towns with it especially in groups and run in circles around a random person to confuse/annoy them ^_^ And if he/she/it isn't annoyed, but rather amused, one can conclude that he/she/it is pretty chill and therefore worthy to befriend.
Chyaku Norisu Scarf, obviously. Early item, and very well made.

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