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jake le ripper666
i rather enjoyed the super powers i used the skeletal summon to add to my dark and sinister avatar twisted
Super powers is a September MC.
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Legendary Mage is one of my fave because it is so mysterious and it is AWESOME!!!! emotion_awesome
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I'm pretty sure I'm cutting this very close... but my favorite February MC is this month's Juno's Lace. It's absolutely breathtaking and so elegant! I love it!
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heart i like the AFK scarf from feb '10 heart i would wear it in real life heart
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My favorite February MC is the Chyaku Norisu Scarf. It was the FIRST MC I bought with my own money. Before then I was constantly begging my mom to help feed my Gaia addiction at that time lol. I felt like a pro. I was so proud of myself! Lol!
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I think 2010s February Monthly Collectible the "Scarlet Rose" is one of the most adorable Item ever :3
I mean which girl doesn't love red roses? The different Outfit made of rose petals are so cute and elegant in one and I'd LOVE to have the chance to wear this absolutelly adorable Item!!! 4laugh
Grizzly Hoodie and Heart Breaker. biggrin best duo monthly for a February yet
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After careful consideration,

My favorite is Juno's Lace. heart

Why do I say this is my fave?

1. The gown is stunning!
2. I love the fascinator
3. A girl loves to have hair choices
4. I could work those sleeves
5. the cape is so regal
6. I would love a peacock for my birthday wink

Hope I win would make a great birthday present! yes it is actually my birthday today...
Hmm... there's a couple I like, but my first favorite Feb MC is the Celestial Wrap in 2007. I love it because it sparkles and flow-y and gives this outer world look. I really like the pretty stuff. whee

Like the person who had the second post, I agree that I also like the Chyaku Norisu Scarf in 2006 and I like the Lunar and Solar Cloaks in 2005. I also think this MC are cool too ... it seems I like cloaks lol. But the Celestial Wrap I believe is the prettiest. biggrin
i like the legendary mage... it not only looks good as mage but i think it looks kinda genie-ish as well ^_^
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Djinn Baharat (Feb 2012): it's a very mystic and cultural item that can be tricky to find in the market and shops with the air of mystery and creation. Djinn with his cunning mind and romantic air in tricking travelers into his lair make him my fav for feb mc's
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four horseman
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My favorite February collectable is most certainly "Scarlet Rose". I regrettably do not own this item, yet it is one I find alluring. Long before I was born my mother had already decided that my middle name would be Rose. She had more trouble finalizing my first name as Jessica than she did my middle name. I once found an old note of all the different combinations of names she was considering for my name... I'm glad she settled on Jessica if you catch my drift. Since a young age roses have always been my favorite flower. In elementary school I would draw a rose when I signed my name. They were fairly poor drawings. Now that I am older and in a relationship my current boyfriend leaves single roses on my windshield from time to time... Roses just make me smile, so my favorite February collectable is "Scarlet Rose".
My Favorite Febuary Monthly Collectable is the Heartbreaker
It reminds me how love isn't alway s sweet

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