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Dangerous Businessman

I would say this years collectable - Djinn.
to me, something that would cover my face would be great
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Enduring Hoarder

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Four Hoursemen most definately its so epic blaugh
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Interesting Bloodsucker

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the heart thing is my fav. collectable.
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i like the spring nymph the most,its just awesome
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celestial wrap
like everything pirate
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Perfect Attendee

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emotion_kirakira Djinn Baharat feiry hair!!!!!!!!!!!!! from this month's collectible! emotion_dowant
I Just WISH emotion_bigvein I could afford it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! cat_scream
It is one of thy most favorable collectibles I've come across yet! emotion_awesome Second would be the February purple sash! I don't know really why, but it's JUST AWSOME! and looks good with my "HERO" costume! see!!!!!! cat_blaugh
-For one thing it's an emotion_bigheart AWSOME emotion_bigheart hair style and looks AWSOME on me! cat_whee
-For another thing, IT'S RED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xd
-And lastly, emotion_0A0 it's a ______ FEIRY HAIR!

emotion_yatta yeppers!
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Newbie Autobiographer

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Favorite February MC is the Magical girl.
This month's is my favorite because it's the only one I know! razz
Also Im too lazy to dig up and find the older ones
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Big fan of the "ShadowSpirit" smile had to save my gold for a looooong time to get it XD
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Wheezing Humorist

The Chyaku Norisu, definitely!
Its sucha epic scarf... I tried to make one myself to wear at a con.... I just didnt manage to make it look as awesome... :'D
Chyaku Norisu Scarf because it is just gorgeous i just love the others too
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i rather enjoyed the super powers i used the skeletal summon to add to my dark and sinister avatar twisted
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Invisible Elder

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CN scarf. What MC could be better than one who shares the same initials as Chuck Norris?
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My favorite would be the Celestial Scarf because I just love the color and how it goes with most of my outfits whee

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