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I really want one. I dont have any of the monthy item before. It would be a bless to get one as a gift.
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Not a real question.

The Chiyaku Norisu scarf is one of the best items Gaia has ever had.
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February 2010 the Grim Reaper it was the year and month that my nephew was born and my uncle had died life was taken and given on the same day in the same bloodline. it was weird that i decided to get that one and then all of this happened oddly enough though i couldnt be angry about the loss of my uncle.
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For me every collectable cus everyone of them has a certain unique pose/movement and style sometimes I buy one of them or more to make an avi thats verywell satisfying in others eyes because every collectable I see is avatar material. 3nodding (edited because of typo's)
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The Norseman Collectibles, medieval and cool... biggrin
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I would have to say that my favorite from the previous February MCs would have to be the Magical Girl from 2008! It is way beyond awesome and reminds me of, well just about any Magical Girl from an anime or manga XD
For me, Dark Star from 2007 is my definite favorite. I love ninjas and this made my day when it came out.I spent all my gold to buy this in the marketplace. Its sharp and a good shape.lol I also liked the All my Gaians too. I could really see it being a real show.
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Dark star ,of course. It's my style...you know what I mean.
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mine is Djinn Baharat its awsome i love the hair and the eyes the outfit is just so cool it is by far the best Fabruary items ever!!!!!!! ^^

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sony disc man of 2004 its bad arse i cant LIVE WITHOUT MY MUSIC!!!! done da da la la la LAH!!!!!! go GAIA!!! WOOOO!!!!!!!! ninja pirate pirate
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As much as my interest in the grim reaper should have made you think that is what I would have liked, I actually enjoy the Celebrity Date. It was the original 'companion' to any gaia character and it was just so neat when it originally came out. It has lost some of it's love and fans but I still stick with it.

          My all-time favorite February Monthly collectible would have to be Celestial Wrap from 2007.
          This was the year, I believe, that I joined Gaia, and it was the first year that the artwork for MCs was introduced. I also like this one because in the envelope there was a choice of three Monthly Collectibles instead of just two. Aside from all the technical stuff, I think that it's just plain and simple a pretty awesome design with pretty awesome artwork. The universe interests me, as well, so...
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i really like the legendary mage collectible from last year because im into things that most people say dont exist like vampires werewolves magicians and elves and i have the stuff for most everythig else but i dont have anything for wizard/witch :/
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My favorite February MC is the Scarlet Rose. I have like, 3 of the things for when I really want to go Rose Thorn because it has a lot to do with her Special outfit. Plus, it's really elegant, I think.
Hmmmmm, mine would have to be the Celestial Wrap. It's very beautiful and gorgeous.

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