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Four Horsemen, it's awesome!!
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My favorite February MC is probably the Celebrity Date. When I wear it, I can pretend like someone loves me, even though I am forever alone! 8D
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CELEBRITY DATE! I would never feel alone again smile
I <3 Juno's Lace. Birds are pretty, so I like to wear them on my body.
Four Horseman. I've used that one many times, cause it came with like 3-4 different weapons, and was just a great item for RP reasons.
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scarlet rose is so beautiful

Agreed. 3nodding @Panda- Can't PM you back because of your profile settings. So "hiya."
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I like Juno's Lace the best already! I think it will become even more popular as time goes by, and more people try it.
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My favorite would have to be Scarlet rose because, one, its so pretty, and two, you can do so much with it. You get a rose in your hair, or a dress, or beautiful petals falling - its so versatile! =D
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i like the february MC because of the djinn baharat.. its so eyptic hehe!
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My favorite February MC...ugh, if I had to choose, it would be the 2010 Scarlet Rose. All of the choices are interesting and pretty (I would wear all of them!). And red. I do like red. lol
My favorite February MC would defiantly be the scarlet rose. It's my favorite because I absolutely heart LOVE heart roses and the rose dress is soooooo cute 3nodding ! I also like it because I have always wanted a MC involved with roses and now I have it!
I like Chyaku Norisu Scarf because it has a cute bow and who doesnt like a cute scarf?? :3
Hava Cookie\
scarlet rose is so beautiful

Agreed. 3nodding @Panda- Can't PM you back because of your profile settings. So "hiya."
^.^ how is u and ill try to change that
Dear Gaia,

My all time favorite February monthly collectible is the 2010 Grim Reaper
This is because I loved the juxtaposition of this grim, creepy item coming out in a month of happiness and love. I always imagined the creator of it back at Gaia inc. with no valentine just thinking 'If I can't be happy, noone can!' and then I feel really sad for them because everyone should have a valentine on valentine's day. But then I think, well they work at Gaia so they pretty much get paid to do awesome stuff. Besides my elaborate story line, I also enjoyed the item itself. I found it was very well put together and worth the gold. And getting to play the role of death was pretty fun as well (:

Thank you for listening~ EgyptiianPrincess

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