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G9 Laptop, because I love playing gaia on my laptop and questing too, and love my avi to have it too.
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Punctual Bard

DJ Helsing

What’s your all time favorite February Monthly Collectible and why!
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Celestial Wrap, because it was probably one of the few space themed items we had that just, well, capture that vast sparkle we better know as the starry infinity above... User Image
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AFK scarf. xD It's so adorable! Behind that is the MP3 player for sheer nostalgia, then the magical girl. Pink hair ftw!

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Definitely Juno's Lace. I was sooo impressed by this month's mc, homg. its gorgeous and totally CI quality!
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afk scarf coz it's so cute and cuddly like the omg scarf
Zony MP3 player. I joined in May 2004 and fell in love with the idea of my avatar looking just as I do all the time- plugged in and listening to music. This was the first item I ever quested for, and I've held onto it since. Even though it's not worth as much in pure as many newer items, this MC is irreplaceable to me. <3 Early MCs often have an angelic vs. denomic quality, picking the MP3 over the Discman influenced all the items I would quest for there after.
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The Djinn Baharat.Because that hat is awesome!
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Scarlet Rose, because I love those rose petals.
the one i like is juno lace it so pretty and it looks shiny smile
The cloud is my favorite monthly colectible becuase it could turn into many objects including slippers
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2012 love it on my avie
Chyaku Norisu Scarf, easy pick :p
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juno lace is adorable it has my vote!
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User Image

My favorite MC is KIKI! Why? Because of his cute kittyness heart
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Chyaku Norisu scarf, clearly.

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