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silver laurels> they are jus so stylish blaugh
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I would have to say that there is no debate on my favorite December Monthly Collectable.

It is the December 2003 Nitmares Scarf: Why- multiple reasons... Mainly I joined Gaia in 2003 (on another account before it got hacked) and fell in love with it when it was first reviled. Though it is not multipurpose like the new Monthly Collectibles, the sheer charming practicality yet wicked appeal drew me to it. I was hooked and set on getting one, though that desire never became actuality due to lack of funds. It is still a goal of mine to attain one of these items, though it still alludes me.
I adore the scarf for other reasoning as well. How the scarf appears to be demonic wings thrills me to the core... I know- it just a virtual item for an online site, but still- It is simply spectacular.

I have almost always based my Avatar around the Nitemare Scarf- so for the day I get it it'll be complete.
ooh id love silver laurels heart
everything on it is just so pretty whee
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Nitemare Scarf! I've always found it interesting how the length of it extends on both sides like arms.
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silent night ;o;
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I would have to say the Nitemare Scarf. I don't own it, but I sure wish I did. It's one of Gaia's oldest monthly collectibles, and it's just so freakin' cool!
I love the nightmare scarf. Why? When I joined gaia 5 years ago I decided to go for a look at black colored items in the market place for at the time I felt black. And there it was... The warmth of a dramatic, demonized scarf surrounded me when I tried it on. "i must have it!" I thought but my hope went cold when I finally saw the price. My quest began! But alass till this dayi find myself unable to save to gold to obtain it! I love that scarf. And more than all the poetic words ive said of it, its really badass looking lol. My fave item ever really.
Ice Tiara, it's versatile.
I absolutely love the Silver Laurels.
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anything because i would heart anything and every thig they would have to offer
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My favorite is Time Piece! I like it because it is steampunk.... And because I have an extensive collection of pocket watches. I love them thar gears.
Question: What’s your all-time favorite December Monthly Collectible and why?

Answer: I've never gotten a December Monthly Collectible, so I can't say. But all the monthly collectibles are good overall. They're fun to buy collect (obviously), and mix and match with other collectibles to create our own outfits and style. And seeing how the collectibles have changed throughout the years is cool too, we can see all the drama and changes that Gaia has gone through. The collectibles are one of the most tangible ways of seeing Gaia's history.

-Anaka Katara
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also i never end up having enough gold or cash to buy anything i really want so i saved and saved i had so much and i wanted to see if i could finally get my hands on it and yet it was still too much itwas all still too much............and then the most unspeackable happened and i was hacked and robbed of all my hard work and left with absoluty nothing i was stunned and upset i blamed other people when i knew they had nothing to do with it at all and i wish it had never happened but you cant turn back time and i cant get it all back so i have to sasve up all my money again and try not to get hacked............AGAIN!
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The Winter Rose, because it has a soft beauty often forgotten when MCs aspire to be too cool... xp
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Angelic Scarf. It went along with almost any light outfit I've picked in the past. I think I'll buy it again one day once I gain enough money. (:

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