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My favorite would have to be the Nitemare Scarf. I like the dark, sinister look it has and it goes with most of my outfits :p
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Nitemare scarf and coco kitty.
Coco because she was my very first quest item I got, (first big item when I was a cute little newbie)
and I had busted my lip that week, so it gave me something to keep the pain out of my mind. Since I had to spend so much time inside I was able to get her in a week. (pretty fast for back then) I kept her for so long. Will always love my little cutie coco. <3

Nm scarf was my longest quest, so there's no way I can leave that out. I gave it away as an x-mas present on gaia. It made me feel wonderful inside.
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Hmm.. I hink my favorite is the Silver Luarels. Its.. its like, every item in that collectible is amazing. I <3 it.
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Silver Laurels it's just so sexy!
I like Bubu Kitty!!!! SOOOOOOOOOO CUTE heart heart heart
It reminds me of my cat~ cat_biggrin
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angelic scarf because its flowy sophiscticated and whimsical
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my favourite would be the BuBu Kitty Plushie, as it keeps your avatar warm and alive at xmas =]
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i like the winter rose cause it makes me look elegant and i love roses
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Silent Night
December 2008 monthly collectible
Because it is just so beautiful, I cannot even get over it.

And Nightmare Scarf is just sexyyyyyy. ;D
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I love The Wasp. Bought two. The hat and saxophone together are wonderful!

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I really...reeeaaally liked the december 2k8 monthly collectible: silent night, It was (in a high pitch voice) AAAWWWWEEESOOOOOOOMMMMEEEE!! And pretty classy too! i mean it just made my eyes burn burning_eyes im soo hilariooous rofl
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my favorite would be Silver Laurels because it was so elagent and beautiful
winter rose from 2006 december collectible because it is beautiful and matches my avatar

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